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The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

18 Apr

My favorite song of right now is another mix by the Aussie group Miami Horror.  Here they transform what’s already a pretty nice jam by The Presets into a rockin’ disco jam.  Enjoy ’em both as we wrap the weekend.

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

The Presets – Talk Like That


YDP Interviews: LaJo$eph

3 Apr

YDP loves stumbling across great new tracks (email them to us at yuppiedanceparty at gmail dot com), and were lucky to discover LaJo$eph (Facebook Fan Page), a college junior who just started making electro/techno-riffs in the past year.  They’re pretty catchy, so we reached out for a look into the musical mind of this new young artist, whose tracks brim with a feel-good, pulsing, party feel.

LaJo$eph was kind enough to share with YDP two exclusive tracks, “Come Together “and newly-minted “Small Talk,” completed just last night.  “Come Together” was one of my favorites from his rapidly growing track list.  “Small Talk” is very different from his other offerings, with LaJo$eph claiming it as his favorite creation to date.  In it, he really takes down the tempo gives you something to throw in the playlist  for nighttime head-nodding sessions.

“Come Together”:

Download “Come Together” – Click Here

“Small Talk”:

Download “Small Talk” – Click Here

Interview after the jump, where we learn his musical inspirations, discover he’s a raver at heart, and find out why there are no lyrics to his music…yet.

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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Calvin Harris – Flashback

1 Mar

Hello everyone…you know it’s going to be a rough week when you hit Monday morning and can’t wait to have your next weekend already.  What usually carries me through is thinking back on the chaos that was my last night out.  It’s been a little while since we’ve featured something from Calvin Harris’ second album, Ready for the Weekend, but I think it’s well past time, and extremely appropriate here.  Join Mr. Harris in this “Flashback” to the weekend:

Calvin Harris – “Flashback”

Why Yuppie Dance Party?

15 Feb

‘Cause it’s time for da Perculator…

Remember, Live Music Must be Lively

10 Jan

The other day, I got a youtube “subscription notice” about a new clip.  It was from one of the bands I liked, but hadn’t heard from in a while: MUTE MATH.  Turns out they were distributing concert video from their recent tour in Japan.  In it, they are performing their single “Spotlight” (a song that was just re-released on the movie Twilight‘s soundtrack) before a galvanized crowd.  It’s worth sharing:

Rock so hard you defy gravity

This made me think two things: Speaking in general, live music is awesome.  More specifically, Mute Math gets after it.  They’re pretty mild in this piece, (see this here video for evidence of some musical hate crimes on a drum-kit generally reserved for Tool, Fear Factory or Dying Fetus) but have no problem raising their level of intensity for an audience.  Their drummer duct-tapes his headphones to his head during gigs.  It’s extremely necessary.

I’ve included a few tracks off their eponymous first album released in 2007.  They made a few waves, but not until they hitched their wagon to the movie about vampire rape fantasies did they get more notice.  Their second album, Armistice, came out in May ’09.  My next mission is to see them live and get involved in a mosh-pit.  Cheers!

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Travis Barker’s Beastly Beats

8 Dec

Maybe you’ve seen Travis Barker do this before, but I completely take my hat off to his percussive ferocity as he plays over the Drake “Forever” remix…it’s so hard.  Really gives it that hard rock edge.  After listening to this you should probably go out and punch some Yuppies in the face.