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YDP In the Know: Hey Champ

10 Dec

YDP’s In the Know feature is rapidly evolving.  In our quest to be the best, we search high and low for good groups.  For those of you new to the blog, from time to time you may see us using this feature to perform a bit of shameless promotion of groups we love.  Hey Champ, a group out of Chicago, falls into this category – but for good reason.  Primarily a live band with roots in rock/indie/electronic, the group displays serious range by becoming involved in producing and remixing, along with creating their own blend of indie/dance/electronic music.  The lid’s been blown off this secret though – Lupe Fiasco actually picked up the group and put them on his label, First and Fifteenth.  They’ve most recently been on tour with him.  For a real good look at what they’re all about, check out this fantastic interview they did with Asian Dan, one of YDP’s favorite blogs, and what they had to say about making it big:

The shows are incredible. We went from a local Chicago band to playing for thousands of people. Each night we learn so much from [Lupe] and his band, and each night we leave the venue a better band. In case anyone was wondering, being a rock star is awesome…..

I highly recommend you take the short trip over to Hey Champ’s blog, where they’re offering a FREE download of their mixtape.  The choicest jams are Neverest (Raw Man Remix), Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ Remix) and (We Are) Champions, a Cool Kids x Hey Champ collab.  Tell ’em YDP sent ya!

Go download the mixtape...right...now.

But enough talk!  Now, to the music.

Cold Dust Girl:

French Horn Rebellion [Vid by Dance Floor Kids]: Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)

YDP In the Know: Ducksauce

8 Dec

Ducksauce can do it aNYway that you want to

Ducksauce is the much hyped collaboration between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. Their mission is to bring back 90’s Disco House tweaked with the sounds of the 2000’s. They have been generating huge industry buzz as most DJ’s think that Disco and French house was the pinnacle of house music.

Check out the comments from other DJ’s in this teaser video. This type of buzz from a collaboration is unusual from DJ’s of totally different styles and eras. Even the guy giving me a haircut a month ago was talking about it.

Their first single “aNYway” has deep roots in the Disco and Soul songs of the 70’s and they pay tribute to that with this awesome musice video:

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden decided to put together a video to talk about the collaboration and their roots as Hip Hop DJ’s that moved to House Music. It is really interesting to hear them talk about the production process for house music and how difficult it can be.

I think this is a phenomenal collaboration: Armand Van Helden brings 15 years of experience making house music and A-Trak is one of the hottest up and coming hip hop DJ’s out there who seems to be transitioning to House and has greatly improved his production skills the past two years.

Since A-Trak brought up Stardust, I wanted to relive this great moment in house history when Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond churned out “Music Sounds Better With You” after they essentially improvised it during a live show. The song only took one day in the studio to make. They never collaborated again with Bangalter focusing his efforts on Daft Punk. Now I don’t think Ducksauce’s first song is at that level but I hope that they continue to find time to get to the studio together. I can only imagine their “collabos” as Van Helden would say will get better in the future. And now you know…

More on Stardust and the music video for Music Sounds Better with You after the jump… Continue reading

YDP In The Know: Classixx

16 Oct

Let me introduce you to Classixx. A powerhouse synth house group that has been nailing remixes and developing a cult following the past year. A great place to start is to listen to “I’ll Get You.”

If it doesn’t get you singing “Do You Like Bass, Do you Do you Like Bass” You are guaranteed your money back. By money back I mean absolutely nothing. Anyways you were probably wasting your employers money by reading and listening so lets just call it even.

The groups wheelhouse is pretty evident: Fun awesome synth pop!



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Dance ‘n Trance

11 Oct

I’ve experienced a recent decrease in my YDP posting schedule (directly proportional to the increase in times I’ve felt hungover the past week). How does one overcome this? What’s the prescription?  For me, it’s more music.  I hit the clubs in search of inspiration – eschewing the latest Top 40 for something more, something deeper, something meaningful.  What could bring me out of the depths of my party fatigue?

What would Garth do?

What would Garth do?

Partying like a Russian.  Yep, that’s right.  Shots of vodka, hitting the club with my bros in our black maximas, wearing sunglasses inside and listening to throbbing trance music until the sun comes up.

Underworld really typifies this kind of music for me.  I know the weekend is wrapping up and you’re probably all licking your wounds, but I’d encourage you to throw some of these tracks on and power through. Sunday is the new Saturday.  Party on, dudes.

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What Does A Yuppie Dance Party Look Like?

27 Jul

Key elements to a Yuppie Dance Party:

  1. Yuppies
  2. Yuppie Music. If this blog gets it right then we already posted it or will be posting it shortly.
  3. Alcohol or Drugs or both. What do you think this is? These are Yuppies we are talking about here.

As you can see, the stars align for this once in a five year occurrence (or every Wednesday and Thursday night at Pianos) at the Sasquatch Music Festival. In case you had any questions as to the demographic attending the music festival first of all its a music festival. But the lineup should make the picture crystal clear. Fleet Foxes, Kings of Leon, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, Mos Def to name a few. Yuppies, Check.

At this moment Santigold who YDP has previously reviewed is performing Unstoppable. Yuppie Music, Check.

Again its a music festival. Alcohol and Drugs, Check.

And now you know what a Yuppie Dance Party looks like. For further information click here.