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OK Go – End Love

19 Jun

OK Go is genius.  I think we all learned that when they busted out the treadmills and showed us that while low and budget, they were really high on creativity.  Well, they’ve done it again and lit up the interwebs with this piece of art, a video for their single “End Love.”

What makes this extra sexy (along with their signature single-shot format), is the fact that it was edited with varying shutter speeds.  You get everything from a stop-motion camera look, to the super slo-mo that only a high-speed camera can give you.  Except instead of seeing it used to watch plants grow, or a frog snatch a fly out of the air, we get to see a bunch of guys in pastel sweatsuits cavorting through a park.

Cavorting…yea, I know what you’re thinking.  Just watch the video and enjoy seeing 4 days of shooting compressed to 4 minutes of musical whimsy.  You’ll enjoy it.


Birthday Explosion!

4 Jun

We’re hitting the time of year when a LOOOOT of birthdays crop up.  “Why now?” you might ask.  Well, just think back 9 months, to when most of the country is snowed in, days are shorter, people huddle inside together and are forced to find ways to…entertain themselves.

The end result of this is a ton of summer celebrations, and smack dab in the middle of prime vacation time.  To commemorate, YDP is proud to share an original production created by a few of our friends, scored with the dulcet tones of thumping 80s style techno: Birthday Explosion.  You’re all invited!

[note: music is “Birthday Dance (Techno Mix)” by the Revelers Band]

Auto-Tune The News

14 Jul


I got something to tell you

Autotune is not dead

Just feel the groove

Yeah yeah yeah

So we’re at the club

Its only three in the morn

Lets do some shots of Patron

Three facts

  1. Auto-tune isn’t dead Jay-Z. Idiot.
  2. The song I wrote above would sound awesome in Auto-Tune
  3. It is both Yuppie and unYuppie that YDP is blogging about this. Why do you ask?
    1. Its unYuppie because Time magazine already wrote about it
    2. Its Yuppie because I read about it in Time Magazine.

So without further ado:

Shawtay. Yeah Yeah Yeah

Clip courtesy of Arad