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Music of 2009: December 30 “Julia”

30 Dec


The Very Best – “Julia”

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YDP In The Know: Sleigh Bells

4 Nov
YDP brings you Sleigh Bells, the unsigned fast growing sensation out of Brooklyn is playing at Andrew W.K.’s Santos Party House tonight with The Very Best. Kindof like a rock and roll Crystal Castles but instead of video game sounds they stick some intense guitar grooves and fuzz.

Not quite the Sleigh Bells you grew up with

Basically Crystal Castles and The Prodigy had a baby that was raised by Beck. Based on my experience watching Crystal Castles live I imagine that Sleigh Bells puts on an impressive show.
This can second as your weekly shot of energy.

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Radioclit and Africa FTW

28 Oct


Now those are happy faces.
Do you remember when everyone had a remix or mash up using M.I.A.’s  “Paper Planes” beat (from Diplo/Switch); this was about a year and a half ago. I mean James Murphy even took a stab at discoing it up but nothing really stood head and shoulders above the rest. But then this off the wall remix came from Radioclit featuring an artist from Malawi named Esau Mwamwaya. Boom went the dynamite.

Here’s the Recording titled “Tengazako” it’s just his lyrics over the beat with a Diplo/MIA blessing…

And a live version…

Basically everybody was like, “hmm this is interesting, we all like it. But is there more? Will it be good without the soul of the clash willing it towards success?” Oh my god Becky, it totally is! I think I just peed a little, this album is shibbyriffic.

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