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How To Make An Electronic Song in 254 Simple Steps

6 Jan

Lord B tipped me off on this and it blew my mind. I always loved The Prodigy but reverse engineering all the different samples to show how “Smack My Bitch Up” was made really shows the musical talent involved in the top electronic music acts. Not just anyone can do this, you need some real technological skills and a great ear when it comes to creating a final product.

Using a variety of samples from Kool Keith, Kool and the Gang, RATM and others Liam Howlett constructs a song that is pure genius. Show this to anyone that tries to argue that the sampling in electronic music isn’t an instrument in its own. Thanks to Jim Pavloff for assembling this and now I want to see how Mindfields and Firestarter were made.

Making Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” in Ableton by Jim Pavloff:

YDP In The Know: Sleigh Bells

4 Nov
YDP brings you Sleigh Bells, the unsigned fast growing sensation out of Brooklyn is playing at Andrew W.K.’s Santos Party House tonight with The Very Best. Kindof like a rock and roll Crystal Castles but instead of video game sounds they stick some intense guitar grooves and fuzz.

Not quite the Sleigh Bells you grew up with

Basically Crystal Castles and The Prodigy had a baby that was raised by Beck. Based on my experience watching Crystal Castles live I imagine that Sleigh Bells puts on an impressive show.
This can second as your weekly shot of energy.

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Your Weekly Shot of Energy-The Prodigy

21 Sep


Remember The Prodigy?

Then you can already understand why they would be a natural “Weekly Shot of Energy.” Designed for ravers staying up for days partying, The Prodigy fits the bill for a energy boost perfectly.

Realizing that I couldn’t just pick one song I finally decided to use some of the best songs from “Fat of the Land” would fit the bill.

Listening to it now its amazing how ahead of its time Prodigy was. They reached mainstream success making hardcore rave music that was good enough to get radio play.

Your Weekly Shot:

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