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Just Ego Tripping with The Flaming Lips

10 Dec
Flaming Lips have been a favorite of YDP’s for years. They put on crazy good live shows, record brilliant covers and have a continued ability to write fantastic new songs. The Flaming Lips have somehow stood the test of time. With a huge collection of Flaming Lips songs in my library, I forgot that they actually still writing amazing music and therefore should keep a lookout for their next album. This was stupid of me.

Embryonic, their new studio album

Listening to their new song, “Watching the Planets” would you in anyway assume that The Flaming Lips have been together for 25 years? Somehow their creativity, energy, and love of music is as good now as it ever was. The earnestness and lack of irony that the Flaming Lips bring to their songs, performances and lyrics reflects a complete and exultant joy and curiosity in the world.
I put together a playlist of my favorite Flaming Lips songs to celebrate their new album. Listening the whole way through, their ability to reinterpret and reinvent a huge range of styles is remarkable.

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The Muppets Cover Bohemian Rhapsody

24 Nov

And I thought it was trippy when The Flaming Lips covered it. Now I am completely sold on doing a music talk show with muppets.

The Flaming Lips cover Bohemian Rhapsody, trippiness ensues

17 Jun

Ever since I became obsessed with Queen in 3rd grade this song has had a special place in my heart. Its rock, its a ballad, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry. Then the Flaming Lips decided to cover this already extremely weird and out there song. You really have to listen to it several times to understand it.

Oh yeah and I totally forgot how amazing the original music video is.

I see a little silhouette of a man...

I see a little silhouette of a man...

Bohemian_Rhapsody.mp3 – Hosted on SaveFile.com

Danger Mouse needs a collective high five.

16 May

Go Here…until the link breaks. There you can download the new collaboration album between Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, and David Lynch titled ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’ That’s right you heard me, 2 musical visionaries and one of the most well-respected artistic directors out there (it’s okay to admit you don’t get him). But get this, the monster collaboration album features even more amazing artistic talent:

  • Iggy Pop
  • Wayne Coyne (from the Flaming Lips)
  • Julian Casablancas (from the Strokes)
  • Frank Black aka Black Francis aka Charles Kittridge (from the Pixies)
  • Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals)
  • Nina Persson (from the Cardigans)

Anyway, the album itself isn’t the reason Danger Mouse deserves a high five (although it’s a very solid collection of great music that I’ll definitely link to later), no, the real reason is his response to EMI’s decision to keep the album from being released. Instead of simply leaking the tracks, Danger Mouse decided to release the album with a blank CD-R in addition to leaking the tracks (this has got to be a middle finger to someone). Awesome move. So if you still want to buy the album, apparently there is a really cool 100 page booklet of photographs inspired by the music picked? by David Lynch. It’s probably pretty cool.

If you’re concerned that you’ll hate the music and have wasted much needed bandwidth for your SETI addiction, follow the link and listen to the songs on the NPR website. I’m a big fan of the tracks “Jaykub,” and “Daddy’s Gone.”

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