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Max Martin is god…Part 1: The 90’s

16 Nov
Remember Boy Bands? Britney in a Catholic School Girl Outfit? Ace of Base? The 90’s Synth Pop sound? What if I told you all of the good songs of that ilk from that era were came from a small studio in Kungsholmen, Sweden?
Chieron Studio’s first hit that you would recognize is “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base. To really get them rolling though Max Karl Sandberg left his crappy band “It’s Alive” to become Max Martin. Martin knocked out “Beautiful Life” and Co-Produced the album “The Bridge” for Ace of Base. From there, he went on the most dominant pop song writing run since Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones.
Max Martin har blivit en legend
With the Cheiron team. Martin went on to produce for the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Britney among others. Yes you probably made fun of these songs when they came out because you were a 7th grade dude and definitely wanted to protect your 7th grade masculinity by listening to Limp Bizkit and Korn…
Max Martin and Cheiron would write and record the entire song in their studios in Kungsholmen. Then the final stage was the “artist” would fly to Kungsholmen and record the vocals that had been written for them. Britney laid down the vocals for “Oops!…I did it again”  in just von one week in Kungsholmen (I like saying Kungsholmen.)
That wasn’t always simple process either though. Listen to “…Baby One More Time.” Hear the three Britney’s singing backup vocals? Thats because the song was originally written (gender adjusted I’m assuming but Swedes are weird) for the Backstreet Boys.
One element that was certain was Max Martin was involved in everything. In an interview years ago he said:
I want to be part of every note, every single moment going on in the studio. I want nothing forgotten, I want nothing missed. I’m a perfectionist. The producer should decide what kind of music is being made, what it’s going to sound like–all of it, the why, when and how.
So yes there is something cynical and corporate about pop stars not writing their own songs: See Miley Cyrus. At the same time, great pop music is great pop music and when you re listen to the 90’s Martin and Cherion sound, it is timeless with undeniable catchy and tight pop sounds.
Coming soon: Max Martin redefines himself in the 2000’s…is still a songwriting god.

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It still amazes me he wrote all these songs

Musings on Swedes and the new Mick Boogie Mix Tape

10 Sep

Swedes are a funny bunch. Having worked and known many Swedes in the past year, they still befuddle me.

Here are some things that I have learned:

  1. The difference between a Swede from Gothenberg, Stockholm and the countryside is in the way they dress and the confidence that they carry themselves with).
  2. I have learned that being in the dark for half the year and the sun not setting for half the year makes them alternate between partying like crazy and hibernating. Kindof like a Euro bear that likes drinking and night clubs instead of catching Salmon, oh wait Swedes like doing that too.
  3. Musically they really made their mark with the previously referred to Max Martin, Aqua, Ace of Base Euro Pop scene.
  4. Swedes are culturally kindof a hybrid Euro/Yuppie/Hipster

What does this bring me to? Peter Bjorn and John, the Swedish duo that brought you the whistle song have been remixed into the new Mick Boogie mixtape. If you haven’t checked Mick Boogie out yet he has been churning out fantastic mixtapes featuring Biggie, Kanye etc… for the past couple years.

The free download is available here

New York Mag has a hilarious take on the Mick Boogie’s Peter Bjorn and John Mix Tape:

“Rappers Love Peter Bjorn & John Like They’re Coldplay”