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Musings on Swedes and the new Mick Boogie Mix Tape

10 Sep

Swedes are a funny bunch. Having worked and known many Swedes in the past year, they still befuddle me.

Here are some things that I have learned:

  1. The difference between a Swede from Gothenberg, Stockholm and the countryside is in the way they dress and the confidence that they carry themselves with).
  2. I have learned that being in the dark for half the year and the sun not setting for half the year makes them alternate between partying like crazy and hibernating. Kindof like a Euro bear that likes drinking and night clubs instead of catching Salmon, oh wait Swedes like doing that too.
  3. Musically they really made their mark with the previously referred to Max Martin, Aqua, Ace of Base Euro Pop scene.
  4. Swedes are culturally kindof a hybrid Euro/Yuppie/Hipster

What does this bring me to? Peter Bjorn and John, the Swedish duo that brought you the whistle song have been remixed into the new Mick Boogie mixtape. If you haven’t checked Mick Boogie out yet he has been churning out fantastic mixtapes featuring Biggie, Kanye etc… for the past couple years.

The free download is available here

New York Mag has a hilarious take on the Mick Boogie’s Peter Bjorn and John Mix Tape:

“Rappers Love Peter Bjorn & John Like They’re Coldplay”