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Santigold at Terminal 5

10 Jun

I saw Santigold at Terminal 5 last night and got the great suprise of both Amanda Blank and Spank Rock joining her. They also did a great job linking up some remixes and collaborations with the original song especially with Diplo’s mixes who comes out with Major Lazer this weekend.

What I was struck with is this music is so produced that it doesn’t quite translate to an on stage performance. The collaborations, remixes and production are amazing but I could never tell what “the band” was doing or whether Santigold was singing. Spank Rock was energetic but the real fun is hearing his lyrics and you couldn’t really hear him in his delivery. It seemed more like an industry party than a tight performance.

Since Yuppie Dance Party has written about or featured songs with everyone in the show previously besides the really bad death metal?/ska/I don’t even know opening band I pretty much had to write about it. Sadly though I’m realizing I don’t have really anything new to say

Here are some good songs with Spank Rock, Santigold and Amanda Blank, if you weren’t playing them while reading the above you are probably bored. I am sorry.

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bump (kid legit remix) – spank rock

Spank Rock is the next Robert Frost:

9 May

I hear that before Spank Rock writes, he lights some scented candles and opens a bottle of Bordeaux. His writing method is meticulous and he writes with quill. If he makes a change, he throws the entire piece of paper away. It is clearly a draining and emotional process for him. Where else could beautiful lines like:

“From the club to the bed
brown bag on your head
in, out, lips split
cough, spit, eat dick”


“B. O. O. T. A. Y.
you ain’t got no alibi
you ugly, yeah yeah
bitch fuck me yeah yeah”

come from but a tortured poet?

In the song B-O-O-T-A-Y, Amanda Blank Illivia plays the perfect counterpart to Spank Rocks more deliberate lyrical style with whimsical mysterious lines such as:

“Yes I know this ass is pretty
don’t forget about my titties”

Like many others, I can’t wait to watch Spank Rock continue to develop and hone his craft in the years to come. Esteemed Journalist Thomas Friedman said it best in a recent column where he posed the question “where have all the sex rappers gone?” Mr. Friedman brings up an excellent point that since the age of 2 Live Crew, there has yet to be a comparable lyrical talent to provide quality sex raps.

I will suggest Mr. Friedman and all of you that you consider Spank Rock as the next contender.

Edit: I would feel bad about the graphic content of the songs except the one younger reader I know of’s favorite music genre is gangster rap

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