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Au Revoir Simone – Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)

3 May

I love May – not only is it time for me to selfishly celebrate the anniversary of my birth, its the month when everything starts coming together – if you’re in school, it’s wrapping up.  If you’re unfortunate enough to be gainfully employed (though its better than the alternative), tax day has come and gone.  And for people of all shapes, sizes, and belief systems in the northern hemisphere, summer’s on the way.

This PUNCHES remix is def going to be in my summer mix.  Get on the train.

Au Revoir Simone – Only You Can Make You Happy (Punches Remix)


I Made Mr. Plow a Mixtape

19 Dec

A few of these will be on the roads tonight

Hey State Department of Transit Workers,

I know you guys are gonna have a long night, but I made you this mixtape to keep you going as you tool up and down the Interstates.  It’s nothing too heavy, just some good driving music to keep you focused.  I tried to keep it Christmas-music free, I know you’ve probably heard enough of that already.

Anywho, see you around!


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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

15 Sep
It's gonna be one of those weeks

It's gonna be one of those weeks

My girl Ladyhawke definitely deserves way more love than this, but I can already tell this week is gonna be a grind.  So let’s get right down to it:

This chick has asperger‘s, lactose intolerance, and some other crazy rare disease, but she still rocks out.  That means I have no excuse but to jam out and power through.  See you at the club after work.

YDP In the Know: Florence + The Machine

24 Jul
I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

Sometimes, a song’s reshuffled version will be so good that I’ll just have to hear the original beat.  This is what happened when I heard the remix of Florence and The Machine’s “Rabbit Heart.”  Make no mistake, listening to them made me fiercely want to be “In The Know.”  When you strip away the electronic production value, what you’re left with is a pretty good sounding little group.  Out of Britain, Florence “plus” the Machine is a team consisting of a female lead, Florence Welch, and her backing group.  It’s not enough for them to just be British though, as “The Machine” is actually comprised of drummer, guitarist, keyboardist plus a little extra.  The element that makes this a Yuppie’s wet dream is the Harpist though, best captured through their unplugged version of “Rabbit Heart.”

Another group that’s kicked around for a while before catching on recently, Florence + The Machine’s July album, “Lungs,” blew up when it hit, producing 4 singles, and inspiring a ton of remixes.  Apparently they were on track to really become popular, but were just on the wrong end of the news cycle–just as their album was about to top the charts, the King of Pop died, and he has continued to dominate record sales from beyond the grave all month.

My overall impression of the group: Sometimes the music feels like a trip to “ye olde renaissance faire,” (Raise it up) and at others feels like the bluesy soul touched upon by artists like fellow Brits Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen (You’ve Got the Love).  I definitely think the team is a keeper though, they’ll likely receive their due any day now.  And now you know.

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