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YDP hits the Century Mark!

4 Sep
If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

As thanks for your continued patronage, myself, Tksama and Schuyfi here at YDP would like to invite you to join in a celebration–for our 100th post!  I figured it’s only fair we throw a party (any excuse we can get, right?) and you’re all invited.  But a Yuppie Dance Party is unlike most others.  If you want a real sense, look back over our past few months:

So if you will, just pretend I’m your man Don Cornelius…and hop on the train.  Until next time y’all…PEACE…LOVE…AND SOUUUUUUUL!!!!

Unacceptable in the 80s, or at any time for that matter

16 Aug
Ready to bust up some rich kids' skulls

Ready to bust up some rich kids' skulls

I am going to kill two birds with one stone here:  post a sick follow-up to schuyfi’s earlier Calvin Harris “Ready for the Weekend” post, since the album drops August 17th, and reveal that Harris is a crazy Scotsman.  According to recent posts on his twitter feed, Harris has been getting some poor feedback on his upcoming album, his first in 2 years.  The UK’s Guardian has the report, quoting Harris’ responses for the low marks.  I’m reminded a bit of Mel Gibson’s tirade against the Jews:

“Imagine the buzz of making something that you love, and after 2 years you finally have something you can’t wait for other people to hear … then imagine that cd landing on the desk of ‘snide rich persons kid’ or ‘pathetic london scene-FACE, then them skipping through the tracks in their lunch break, and saying ‘well its calvin harris isn’t it? 2 stars, he’s a dick head’. I’m telling you now that it doesn’t feel good.”

He goes on to emphasize who he blames for the poor reviews:


I guess being rich means you don’t take a shine to Harris’ music.

I’ll go on record saying, I went to a Calvin Harris show at Webster Hall back in March–and he rocked the hall pretty hard.  I also absolutely loved his debut album, “I Created Disco.”  He seems like a cool enough guy though, evidenced by this promotional video where he towers over girls in bikinis, gladly serving as human instruments, what the tall Scotsman dubs, “The Humanthisizer.” Worth your time to hear and see their sexy rendition of “Ready for the Weekend.”

Aaaaand, the making of, which features way more sexy models, but less finished music.

And here’s a ton of Calvin Harris for your listening pleasure.  The man is an Electro genius.

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Ready for the Weekend?

17 Jul

You should probably listen to this song. Sure to be a classic this August.

I was nice and waited until Friday to post it but having first heard it on a Wednesday afternoon on a beautiful day YDP started getting excited way too early.

The result? Thursday was really painful…


Calvin Harris-Ready for the Weekend