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Relation – Optimistic (Cassette Club Remix)

12 May

YDP has been sitting on this track for a few months now, but it’s definitely the right time to share it.  Relation is new to me, and describes themselves in the following way:

“Essex boys Andrew Leary and Oliver Keech have developed an alternative, unique sound by combining meaningful lyrics with synth-pop to create both emotional depth and electronic rhythms. Although the compositions are truly progressive and they embrace a futuristic approach to their productions, their music has brought comparisons to New Order and the Pet Shop Boys as well as a wink to Depeche Mode.”

The track “Optimistic,” off their debut album, “Fear of the Night,” is pretty well nuanced, but if you’re comparing yourself to the heavy hitters above, you’d better bring it.  The track really takes off when masters of electronica Cassette Club get a hold of it and transform it into something AMAZING.  I love where CC goes with the haunting synths over the choral breaks.  Brings in a whole new dimension of sound.  Enjoy them both.

Relation – Optimistic (Cassette Club Remix)

Relation – Optimistic


Music of 2009: December 24, “Love Comes Close”

24 Dec

What if Ian Curtis hadn’t tragically died? Would Joy Division have organically developed a more dance sensible sound a la New Order or continued to make brooding ballads? Who knows, but while late naughties Philly is a world away from late 70s Manchester, newcomer Cold Cave has teased us with the possibilities on their track “Love Comes Close.”


Cold Cave – “Love Comes Close”

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Cold Cave

22 Oct

Yeah I don’t mind getting on the train a little late if it’s worth going for a ride. I don’t know where this band’s headed, but I want to come along.

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Bizarre Love Triangle

19 Oct

This weeks weekly shot is the remix of Bizarre Love Triangle: A New Order Classic. Because it’s your weekly shot, I thought I would relive a forgotten extreme moment in American marketing history. Remember Surge? That was so extreme. I can’t help reminisce that the surge people missed the boat by like 2 years for energy drinks. Does that make them indie?

Till next week…

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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Miami Horror

13 Oct

Several months ago YDP posted Miami Horror’s Make You Mine a ridiculous house song with disco roots…you know the stuff that made Daft Punk amazing. Surprisingly this formula has proved extremely hard for DJ’s to replicate. Enter Melbourne Australia, the extremely unlikely home of two of YDP’s favorite dance acts Cut Copy and and Miami Horror.

Miami Horror struck gold again with their new song Sometimes. If you listen closely you can hear the bass line from New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle.

Your weekly shots:

Edit: This video is totally weird. Why is this couple so awkward? Totally not the vibe I was going with on this song. I’d recommend just listening while you are pretending to work, don’t bother risk getting caught on YouTube for this…