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Teriyaki Boyz ft. Kanye – I Still Love H.E.R.

21 Jun

Sometimes, when YDP listens to good new stuff, it reminds us of good old stuff – and some stuff in between.  With Kanye recently leaking the super-hot track “Power” from his upcoming LP “Good Ass Job,” it got me looking at his old stuff too.  This cut, from the mixtape “Graduated,” is a play on another equally awesome and even older track by Common (I smell bonus video!)  Not to mention the fact that the heavy lifting is done by a Japanese B-Boy group, the Teriyaki Boyz, all within a really meta music video riffing on YouTube.

So here’s Kanye and the Teriyaki Boyz – I Still Love H.E.R.

And the bonus, Common – I Used to Love H.E.R.


OK Go – End Love

19 Jun

OK Go is genius.  I think we all learned that when they busted out the treadmills and showed us that while low and budget, they were really high on creativity.  Well, they’ve done it again and lit up the interwebs with this piece of art, a video for their single “End Love.”

What makes this extra sexy (along with their signature single-shot format), is the fact that it was edited with varying shutter speeds.  You get everything from a stop-motion camera look, to the super slo-mo that only a high-speed camera can give you.  Except instead of seeing it used to watch plants grow, or a frog snatch a fly out of the air, we get to see a bunch of guys in pastel sweatsuits cavorting through a park.

Cavorting…yea, I know what you’re thinking.  Just watch the video and enjoy seeing 4 days of shooting compressed to 4 minutes of musical whimsy.  You’ll enjoy it.

Birthday Explosion!

4 Jun

We’re hitting the time of year when a LOOOOT of birthdays crop up.  “Why now?” you might ask.  Well, just think back 9 months, to when most of the country is snowed in, days are shorter, people huddle inside together and are forced to find ways to…entertain themselves.

The end result of this is a ton of summer celebrations, and smack dab in the middle of prime vacation time.  To commemorate, YDP is proud to share an original production created by a few of our friends, scored with the dulcet tones of thumping 80s style techno: Birthday Explosion.  You’re all invited!

[note: music is “Birthday Dance (Techno Mix)” by the Revelers Band]

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

18 Apr

My favorite song of right now is another mix by the Aussie group Miami Horror.  Here they transform what’s already a pretty nice jam by The Presets into a rockin’ disco jam.  Enjoy ’em both as we wrap the weekend.

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)

The Presets – Talk Like That

Hot Chip – I feel Better

29 Mar

A single off the new album One Life Stand. These guys have always made great music but also some ridiculously awesome and weird music videos. I think this one wins. Directed by Peter Serafinowicz and starring Ross Lee…

Apparently he’s a big deal. Kind of.

This'll be on my videotape

Now i’m posting the song (just audio) and I expect the’ll block all embedding soon…

Music Video: St. Vincent – Marrow

4 Nov



I'm in love.

St. Vincent is the stage name of Annie Clark. She’s a phenomenal musician and an amazing live act. I had the luxury of seeing her open for Andrew Bird last Wednesday at the 9:30 club. If you want a comparison, I think Sufjan Stevens meets Feist and Tori Amos is a proper take on the sound of St. Vincent. It works, and works well. She’s opened for acts like The National, Death Cab for Cutie, The Arcade Fire, and Grizzly Bear. Plus, like I’ve pointed out before, she was in the Polyphonic Spree. That’s cool. Here’s a video for her song Marrow. It’s very cool and makes absolutely zero sense. Don’t even act like you get it.

Michel Gondry is a True Artisté

25 Oct

Michel Gondry is ridiculous.  This isn’t new, but every time I stumble across one of his works I am continually blown away.  Yuppies love feeling like they’re living in the time of someone who will one day recieve a Lifetime Achievement Award…for anything.  Gondry’s music video wizardry is nothing different.  With this in mind, check out the magic of the split-screen.  It’s “Sugar Water,” by Cibo Matto.  Vid definitely deserves multiple views.

Music that I Hate: The New and Un-Improved BEP

15 Oct

I remember, in my youth, forming my musical identity.  These influences were wide ranging: from The Beatles to Busta

Would you believe this group actually used to not suck?

Would you believe this group actually used to not suck?

Rhymes, Wyclef to Mariah Carey, Jay-Z to Chicago, I soaked in everything.  But it wasn’t just those getting major radio play.  I found myself introduced to regional acts; The Roots, Gorillaz and No Doubt all surfaced in my consciousness before they were media darlings.  The groups I’ve named have solidified their identities by now, but looking back on their past, you could see in their early work more or less who they would become.

In fact, one of the small groups that made me love independent and lesser touted groups (you can trace back my pre-teeen yuppie roots to these experiences), hailed from Los Angeles.  I first saw their music video for Joints & Jams not on MTV, but at 2am on a local public access station.  It was so good, I bought their first CD, Behind the Front.  In fact, it was so good it propelled me to buy their second album, though not as sharp, Bridging the Gap.  But by the time the next album, Elephunk, dropped, something was changed.  The Black Eyed Peas were no longer who I thought they were.

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Mercury Prize 2009: A Preview

1 Sep
Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

So you mave have heard me bringing this up a few times, but the vaunted Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize is scheduled to be awarded next Tuesday, September 8th.  Unlike the Grammys, the Mercury Prize is one award for a specific category, rather than running the gamut of genres and contributions. This award, based in Britain, is reserved for what the critics across the pond deem the best album of the year.

Why does this matter?  Because one of the bands that I so graciously allowed you  In the Know on may very well WIN this award–and well, by then it’s too late.  You should consider this post a last chance for you to save yourself some Yuppie street-cred and claim you knew about them before they struck it big, although in the case of the Mercury Prize Winners, taking home the number one spot has resulted in a cover-of-Madden type curse, dooming the act to further obscurity.

In fact, 2008’s winner, Elbow is just beginning to shake this stigma, with their songs getting play on shows like FX’s Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, the movie Burn After Reading, and even the music soundtrack for thrilling zombie videogame Left 4 Dead.  This five man group, lead by Gus Garvey, has been plugging along since 1990.  Their breakthrough achievement didn’t come until their fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid.  Now, their single Grounds for Divorce is gaining traction.  Expect another post on me Friday after the winner is announced, as well as a celebration of what may well be a death knell of their musical career.

But who will be this year’s lucky winner?  Tune in next week to hear YDP’s take on this year’s proceedings.

Now here’s some music!

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(Follow the jump for the full list of Nominees as well as highlights of past winners…and those who didn’t make the cut)

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Deep Thoughts In Yuppiedom

28 Aug

Sometimes I have these highfalutin music posts germinating in my mind.

Lo, behold my staggering contribution to the human race.

Lo, behold my staggering contribution to the human race.

I think for hours, days, weeks about crafting posts that contribute to the advancement of the human race, that contribute to our collective pool of knowledge.

And then, sometimes, I just want to dance.

(Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap)

Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby (nsfw)

17 May

This is the new video for Make The Girl Dance. I can’t put my finger on it…but there’s something about this video that I like. It has a certain je ne sais quoi…

I highly recommend watching the video in HD.

Phoenix – 1901

15 May

Schuyfi first highlighted Phoenix with a great mash up of clips from The Breakfast Club and the insanely catchy track, “Lisztomania,”  but that’s just one song on what’s shaping up to be a phenomenal 2009 release, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. This is the fourth album from the French band and the one that will hopefully get them the large American following that they deserve (do they want it?).

The album releases in the United States on May 26, so get your dancing shoes on and be prepared to share this music with as many people as you can.