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Buzz around the web

31 Jan

That's Buzz Aldrin from the 1969 summer swimsuit edition

  • Interview with The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger
  • Who’s gonna get a Grammy!?
  • MJ single demoing in 3d at the big G
  • Kanye dances back to PETA

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A Very Yuppie Christmas

24 Dec

Christmas Sweaters Are Mandatory at a Yuppie Christmas Party

Several years ago, someone made me a Christmas mix and I plan on giving the world that same gift. Some songs are necessities in every Christmas mix such Mariah Carey (the best Christmas song of all time) Frank Sinatra, and Brenda Lee, there are a huge range of choices out there, many classics in their own right. The epicness of the Smashing Pumkins, the 80’s cheese of Wham, the soul of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke all blend together to make one big happy Christmas Mixtape.

Oh and not to kill the mood but hearing Michael Jackson singing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” might explain just how messed up the Jackson family is. Should this song be taken literally?
Leave it to a yuppie to intellectualize Christmas music…
Merry Christmas from YDP

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Happy Halloween from YDP

31 Oct

drunkpumpkinIt’s a big weekend, with Halloween falling on a Saturday this year.  Yuppies around the world really get up for this pseudo-holiday, because it’s a great way to showcase your wittiness and awareness of current events.  One of he better costumes spotted in a bar last night – Hunter S. Thompson.  Tonight, I expect to see more than a few Balloon Boys on the scene.  They won’t outnumber last year’s Halloween proclivity for Sarah Palins, but there should be more than one variation on a theme.

At any rate, enjoy your Trick or Treating.  I’ll leave you with this recycled, but never lame video.

YDP hits the Century Mark!

4 Sep
If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

As thanks for your continued patronage, myself, Tksama and Schuyfi here at YDP would like to invite you to join in a celebration–for our 100th post!  I figured it’s only fair we throw a party (any excuse we can get, right?) and you’re all invited.  But a Yuppie Dance Party is unlike most others.  If you want a real sense, look back over our past few months:

So if you will, just pretend I’m your man Don Cornelius…and hop on the train.  Until next time y’all…PEACE…LOVE…AND SOUUUUUUUL!!!!

Explain to me the plot of Tron, and you can live

29 Jul
Tron...a movie about...something...

Tron...a movie about...something...

Remember Tron? That movie with the bikes and bad suits outlined with day-glo paint?  The movie the forthcoming sequel, Tron Legacy, is based upon?  Yea, me neither, but Yuppies love to talk about how awesome obscure 80s movies were.  I bet that if I asked a Yuppie about Tron, they’d tell me they love it.  Then they’d start talking about light cycles (honestly, what else do you know about the movie?).  So I’d put a gun to their temple, and scream at them to tell me the plot, just tell me the basic plot and the name of 1 major character, if you love the movie so much it shouldn’t be that hard, c’mon tell me or so help me I will blow your brains out.  At least that’s what I’ll want to do while I listen to the joker gush about it.  Why do Yuppie’s love it?  Because it’s so obscure, out of the mainstream, that even they, who profess to like it, can’t possibly tell you what it’s about.  Tron hits several major benchmark for Yuppie approval–it’s kinda obscure, faded from the public consciousness and wasn’t really that great.  Sure, Yuppies love the idea of the movie.  But honestly, who wants to sit down and take 90 minutes out of their day to watch people in outdated conceptions of “futuristic” outfits, technology and visual FX?  Let’s be honest, if there was really some merit to the movie, it would be on AMC (speaking of which, anyone know when Rambo is gonna be on again?), mentioned in the same breath as Alien and Blade Runner (can’t hold those movies jockstraps), or solicit anything but puzzled glances and laughter from most people born after 1982.

The only thing people remember from this movie, if they even saw it

The only thing people remember from this movie, if they even saw it

Instead, Tron finds its way onto ironic T-shirts and Family Guy cutaways–that should be all you need to scare you off!  It’s a New York Times feature away from being a Yuppie wet dream!  I hope that the people who go to see this new take understand that Tron Legacy is going to be like the original in concept alone.  And that’s for the best.  It should be pretty entertaining though, especially since Daft Punk will be scoring the film.  The trailer premiered at Comic-Con (that’s another matter completely, one we don’t have time to get into here) but somewhere along the way somebody discovered that it syncs up beautifully with MJ’s Beat It.  Anyway, since this Michael Jackson thing won’t go away, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.  Yuppies beware–this just might be too much for you to handle.