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FOSTER THE PEOPLE keeps banging out the hits that nobody seems to be listening to.

12 May

I’ve been pimping Foster the People to everybody I meet. Not because I owe them anything, but because they make infectiously good music that I think should blanket the airwaves. As it stands, PUMPED UP KICKS is all over KROQ and I’m cool with that. ┬áIt beats listening to more Mumford and Sons (c’mon that album came out in 2009 and Little Lion Man is on rotation like it’s a new single).

There’s no album yet, but with the way these guys are pumping out tracks I have to imagine it’s nearly complete. This new track is called “CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT” and I dont know why but all I can’t think of is “December, 1963 (Oh what a night)” by the Four Seasons. Craaaazy.