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YDP Interviews: LaJo$eph

3 Apr

YDP loves stumbling across great new tracks (email them to us at yuppiedanceparty at gmail dot com), and were lucky to discover LaJo$eph (Facebook Fan Page), a college junior who just started making electro/techno-riffs in the past year.  They’re pretty catchy, so we reached out for a look into the musical mind of this new young artist, whose tracks brim with a feel-good, pulsing, party feel.

LaJo$eph was kind enough to share with YDP two exclusive tracks, “Come Together “and newly-minted “Small Talk,” completed just last night.  “Come Together” was one of my favorites from his rapidly growing track list.  “Small Talk” is very different from his other offerings, with LaJo$eph claiming it as his favorite creation to date.  In it, he really takes down the tempo gives you something to throw in the playlist  for nighttime head-nodding sessions.

“Come Together”:

Download “Come Together” – Click Here

“Small Talk”:

Download “Small Talk” – Click Here

Interview after the jump, where we learn his musical inspirations, discover he’s a raver at heart, and find out why there are no lyrics to his music…yet.

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Some more thoughts on Ke$ha and Uffie: Shout out to L’Trimm and Miami Bass

14 Jan

Bunny and Tigra from L'Trimm. Part of that Miami Bass sound

Ke$ha ain’t no L’Trimm

Barely a week ago my fellow YDP writer expressed his opinion on Ke$ha’s new single “Tik Tok.” In my opinion, he was spot on. From the lyrics to the delivery, Ke$ha’s single could have easily been (whether intentional or not) ripped from Uffie’s soon to be released, debut LP. But, nobody is really raising the most important question; where did these lovely ladies build their swagger? Two words: Bunny and Tigra.

L’Trimm was a female hip hop duo from Dade County, Florida that blew up on the scene, put out three albums, then disappeared before either artist turned 21. Loosely connected to the Miami Bass scene, their biggest hit was a top 40’s aimed track titled “Cars with the Boom.” If you look for it, its usually wrongly attributed to Le Tigre (but they’re fun to listen to as well).

Lowest Common Denominator

Ke$ha’s sudden rise behind her single “Tik Tok” has seemed to incite an Uffie v. Ke$ha flame war on youtube. It’s quite hilarious really as both sides seem to be arguing the artistic merit of their respective parties (in much of the same tone and logic that Mac and PC fans use). I mean both of these girls are 22 and seem to have a rabid fan base in the teen girl demographic. Uffie seems to have more street cred due to her label ties (collaboration efforts with french electronic acts like Justice and Mr. Oizo). But Ke$ha seems to have more access to mainstream exposure (collaboration with Flo Rida, and ties to big time pop acts like Katy Perry). Whatever, my artist is clearly better than your artist!


I'm not going to lie, that's a pretty good picture

Tl;DR: This is a club banger record from start to finish and will definitely see a substantial amount of airtime much like The E.N.D. last year. I don’t think it’ll be the top club album of the year, but Ke$ha should definitely see a number of best new artist nods by the time awards start rolling around. I say she’s a lock for the MTV best new artist award…if you follow that stuff.

So what is Animal like? Well, if you like her first single “Tik Tok,” you’ll be surprised to know that the rest of the album isn’t much like it. In fact, the rest of Animal is a mangled mess of 3OH!3 styled jams, pop hooked anthems, and just enough “thoughtful” lyrical content to make you step back and go…”hmm.” Ke$ha claims she’s making the album that guys are allowed to make but girls aren’t, but I think we’ve lost some of that shock value with a few of the female pop artists in the past few years. And really, she’s just so many things all rolled into one that she doesn’t do one thing phenomenally well. Sure she’s pop music, but she’s no Katy Perry, Fergie, or Lady Gaga. That could keep her from being as big as the Gaga’s, but also allow her to move across different pop crowds. We’ll see what happens. But, with that said, I don’t think it’s bad club music. I think its great club music for the moment.

Talking about Parodies of “Tik Tok”

Now i’m not a huge fan of “Tik Tok” for its musical elements, but I’ll admit it’s a fun song to ignore when dancing at the club. And at the end of the day, we here at yuppie dance party like things that make the booty bounce. We also like well done parodies. Here’s one below from the Midnight Beast. I might like it more than the original.

Talking about Uffie

On a final note, Uffie’s debut album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, is set to drop on February 14. I won’t be waiting for it on pins and needles…but some of you might be. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll be better than what I’ve heard so far this year….just saying.

Ke$ha, I’m Calling You Out

4 Jan

When I first heard the Ke$ha song “Tik Tok” I may have had a couple too many Whiskey Ginger Ales. The excellent combination of Canada Dry and Jim Beam made me certain that “Tik Tok” was a remix of “TTHHEE PPAARRTTY,” a cool song from Justice’s album Cross. The song features Uffie who sings in a very distinctive style. As a matter of fact I’d never heard someone sing quite like that.

That’s until Ke$ha took “TTHHEE PPAARRTTY,” used the same vocal style and the same ‘girl with swagger getting ready for a night out’ vocal set up. Then she simply added a standard dance bass hook for the chorus to turn it into a club track. Tik Tok should technically be called  TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Ke$ha club remix) by Uffie. Instead Ke$ha has the audacity to claim its her own song.

In case you don’t believe me listen to both Tik Tok and TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY.

Ke$ha I’m calling you out. Got anything to say for yourself? Are you even embarrassed?