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YDP In the Know: Hey Champ

10 Dec

YDP’s In the Know feature is rapidly evolving.  In our quest to be the best, we search high and low for good groups.  For those of you new to the blog, from time to time you may see us using this feature to perform a bit of shameless promotion of groups we love.  Hey Champ, a group out of Chicago, falls into this category – but for good reason.  Primarily a live band with roots in rock/indie/electronic, the group displays serious range by becoming involved in producing and remixing, along with creating their own blend of indie/dance/electronic music.  The lid’s been blown off this secret though – Lupe Fiasco actually picked up the group and put them on his label, First and Fifteenth.  They’ve most recently been on tour with him.  For a real good look at what they’re all about, check out this fantastic interview they did with Asian Dan, one of YDP’s favorite blogs, and what they had to say about making it big:

The shows are incredible. We went from a local Chicago band to playing for thousands of people. Each night we learn so much from [Lupe] and his band, and each night we leave the venue a better band. In case anyone was wondering, being a rock star is awesome…..

I highly recommend you take the short trip over to Hey Champ’s blog, where they’re offering a FREE download of their mixtape.  The choicest jams are Neverest (Raw Man Remix), Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ Remix) and (We Are) Champions, a Cool Kids x Hey Champ collab.  Tell ’em YDP sent ya!

Go download the mixtape...right...now.

But enough talk!  Now, to the music.

Cold Dust Girl:

French Horn Rebellion [Vid by Dance Floor Kids]: Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)

YDP In the Know: Mike Posner

25 Oct

No longer looks like he's in a frat...

White rappers, black presidents – until Eminem and Obama arrived, nobody believed either was possible in any meaningful way.  While we have to wait at least a presidential term to see if Barack’s broken the ice, Mike Posner might be making it clear that the racial barriers are crumbling across music far more quickly than they are in politics.

A senior at Duke University, Posner is a Michigan native who’s been making beats since his early teens.  He’s living the dream; a student by day, he tours on the weekends.  When his music was brought to my attention, the first thing I did was look to see which college campus I could see him at this weekend – but recently he’s been back in the midwest and upstate New York hitting up colleges like Syracuse, with bigtime ACC spots like Maryland on his upcoming schedule.

At any rate, the guy definitely deserves a listen.

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Here’s the Mixtape that was available for download on iTunes until recently – now that he’s been signed and has an album coming out, look for something more refined to hit the streets.

Head of the Class

Head of the Class

Mike Posner Mixtape – “A Matter of Time

[props to Harris for fuxing wit’ this]

Check out our Mike Posner Concert review here

YDP In The Know: Classixx

16 Oct

Let me introduce you to Classixx. A powerhouse synth house group that has been nailing remixes and developing a cult following the past year. A great place to start is to listen to “I’ll Get You.”

If it doesn’t get you singing “Do You Like Bass, Do you Do you Like Bass” You are guaranteed your money back. By money back I mean absolutely nothing. Anyways you were probably wasting your employers money by reading and listening so lets just call it even.

The groups wheelhouse is pretty evident: Fun awesome synth pop!



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Speech Debelle: Mercury Prize Winner 2009

23 Sep

I’ve been meaning to write this post for about 2 weeks now, but I’ll be honest.  When I saw who won the Barclaycard Mercury

This Was Me

This Was Me

Prize, I was completely floored.

If I was a betting man, I’d have lost money on Speech Debelle’s win.  In fact, oddsmakers (people will bet on anything) had Florence + The Machine as the favorite (so did I, personally).  But unlike our 43rd president, I don’t jump to conclusions.  Instead, I decided to study the selction in a truly fair and balanced manner.  I sat down, and listened to Debelle’s whole album.

What I discovered were the tunes were reminiscent of Floetry’s gritty brit street rap, while at the same time evoking the lyrical complexity of Lauryn Hill.  In short-while I would’ve enjoyed seeing Florence + the Machine take home some evocative Yuppie hardware-I respect and applaud the harder decision the panel made.  Mining the depths of this backlog of music to get us In the Knowthat’s what we live for here at YDP.  For that, I salute you.

But I won’t let it happen again.

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YDP hits the Century Mark!

4 Sep
If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

As thanks for your continued patronage, myself, Tksama and Schuyfi here at YDP would like to invite you to join in a celebration–for our 100th post!  I figured it’s only fair we throw a party (any excuse we can get, right?) and you’re all invited.  But a Yuppie Dance Party is unlike most others.  If you want a real sense, look back over our past few months:

So if you will, just pretend I’m your man Don Cornelius…and hop on the train.  Until next time y’all…PEACE…LOVE…AND SOUUUUUUUL!!!!

Mercury Prize 2009: A Preview

1 Sep
Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

So you mave have heard me bringing this up a few times, but the vaunted Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize is scheduled to be awarded next Tuesday, September 8th.  Unlike the Grammys, the Mercury Prize is one award for a specific category, rather than running the gamut of genres and contributions. This award, based in Britain, is reserved for what the critics across the pond deem the best album of the year.

Why does this matter?  Because one of the bands that I so graciously allowed you  In the Know on may very well WIN this award–and well, by then it’s too late.  You should consider this post a last chance for you to save yourself some Yuppie street-cred and claim you knew about them before they struck it big, although in the case of the Mercury Prize Winners, taking home the number one spot has resulted in a cover-of-Madden type curse, dooming the act to further obscurity.

In fact, 2008’s winner, Elbow is just beginning to shake this stigma, with their songs getting play on shows like FX’s Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, the movie Burn After Reading, and even the music soundtrack for thrilling zombie videogame Left 4 Dead.  This five man group, lead by Gus Garvey, has been plugging along since 1990.  Their breakthrough achievement didn’t come until their fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid.  Now, their single Grounds for Divorce is gaining traction.  Expect another post on me Friday after the winner is announced, as well as a celebration of what may well be a death knell of their musical career.

But who will be this year’s lucky winner?  Tune in next week to hear YDP’s take on this year’s proceedings.

Now here’s some music!

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(Follow the jump for the full list of Nominees as well as highlights of past winners…and those who didn’t make the cut)

Continue reading

YDP In the Know: La Roux

22 Aug
This is Elly's world, we just live in it

This is Elly's world, we just live in it

It’s been a little while since I’ve found a group worthy of breaking the 10th Yuppie Commandment (thou shalt not pump up bands that make others jealous of your awesome taste in music), but here’s another one:  La Roux. The electropop group, again from Britain, is like the lovechild of A Flock of Seagulls and Freezepop (which reminds me, far too few groups use keytars anymore by the way).  This duo, the pairing of 19-year-old front woman Eleanor “Elly” Jackson and co-writer and producer Ben Langmaid, dropped their self titled album in mid-march of this year, meaning they qualify to be one of this year’s hottest acts.  Jackson is a ghostly pale ginger, but she works it pretty well, somehow turning her redheaded affliction into a trademark hairdo that young girls in London are emulating.  Like Florence + The Machine, La Roux is up for the Mercury Prize, to be awarded in a few weeks, and they stand a damn good chance of winning, which means you’d be even further behind the 8-ball.

You see where A Flock of Seagulls comes in?

You see where A Flock of Seagulls comes in?

Three singles off the album have all got legs.  It’s only a matter of time before they make their way here.  In fact, let me help them out.  Have a listen to these tracks.  Check out the video too.  It is like Tron meets Q-Bert meets those awesome commercials from Lincoln Tech demonstrating how you too can fulfill your dream of becoming a graphic designer!  Anyway, enjoy, and stay tuned for the upcoming wrap-up when the Mercury Prize is finally awarded.

YDP In the Know: Florence + The Machine

24 Jul
I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

Sometimes, a song’s reshuffled version will be so good that I’ll just have to hear the original beat.  This is what happened when I heard the remix of Florence and The Machine’s “Rabbit Heart.”  Make no mistake, listening to them made me fiercely want to be “In The Know.”  When you strip away the electronic production value, what you’re left with is a pretty good sounding little group.  Out of Britain, Florence “plus” the Machine is a team consisting of a female lead, Florence Welch, and her backing group.  It’s not enough for them to just be British though, as “The Machine” is actually comprised of drummer, guitarist, keyboardist plus a little extra.  The element that makes this a Yuppie’s wet dream is the Harpist though, best captured through their unplugged version of “Rabbit Heart.”

Another group that’s kicked around for a while before catching on recently, Florence + The Machine’s July album, “Lungs,” blew up when it hit, producing 4 singles, and inspiring a ton of remixes.  Apparently they were on track to really become popular, but were just on the wrong end of the news cycle–just as their album was about to top the charts, the King of Pop died, and he has continued to dominate record sales from beyond the grave all month.

My overall impression of the group: Sometimes the music feels like a trip to “ye olde renaissance faire,” (Raise it up) and at others feels like the bluesy soul touched upon by artists like fellow Brits Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen (You’ve Got the Love).  I definitely think the team is a keeper though, they’ll likely receive their due any day now.  And now you know.

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YDP In the Know: Delorean

10 Jul
Trippy Cover Art

Trippy Cover Art

If, like most people, you consider Dusseldorf’s own Kraftwerk to be one of the originators of what we now enjoy as dance/house/electro etc., then it’s easy to view Europe as a  kind of Garden of Eden.  Far more recently, groups like Daft Punk, Justice, and the rest of the Ed Banger crew have shown us that great dance music is pouring out of France.  But the old continent isn’t anywhere near done yet.

Delorean, a group that’s recently caught my ear, hails from the Iberian Penninsula.  I feel a bit disingenuous claiming that I’m In the Know regarding them, because this Spanish group released an album way back in 2004, for a total of 3 before this year.  Their most recent album, 2009’s “The AyrTon Senna EP,” has a bunch of cool little house/dance beats on it.  You can really hear the influences of the group’s other projects, coming largely in the form of remixes, (they did my favorite re-hash of the Mystery Jet’s “Half in Love with Elizabeth”) and the experiences the group has had running their own Barcelona club.  They performed in the US for the first time this year at the SXSW festival in Austin, and it shouldn’t be long before they’re doing the good ‘ol USA tour circuit.  When they do, YDP will definitely get to one of their concerts, and share the magic.

Enjoy a sampling-


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YDP In The Know: Emil & Friends

30 Jun

downed economyToday is my last day on the job. In celebration, I’m not only mailing it in, I’m providing my first contribution to a blog I frequent daily: Yuppie Dance Party. My friends call me Lord B.

Now, I’m not a Yuppie, but those people are some of my best friends. And if there’s one thing Yuppies like, it’s underground stories that they can confidently whisper to their friends, proving that they’re In the Know. Like, “let’s hit this place in Alphabet City, I hear Sid Vicious used to chill there,” or, “this bar is where the good acts come on off-nights just to screw around,” or even “Hey man, I hear there’s this club downtown where ?uestlove dj’s on Wednesday nights, just for gits and shiggles.”

That’s what it was like when news hit the intarwebs (and blogs only slightly more famous than this rising star) just this past  winter, that a new group called Emil & Friends (please check the myspace for a listen!), was actually the side project of actor Emile Hirsch. The press release sent out to music bloggers around the country with their first single, Downed Economy, said the following:

Hey Guys, Just wanted to tip you all off on the hot new project of international film star Emile Hirsch.

You can check out his myspace at myspace.com/emilandfriends. In case you are not privy to the superstardom that is Emile Hirsch here’s a brief bio. As a kid he attended the The Hamilton Academy of Music and The Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Now he is often seen singing karaoke alongside Lindsay Lohan, Bo Barrett, Michelle Rodriguez, Kellan Rhude and Nicole Richie at Beverly Hills hot spot “Guys”.

-The Man Himself, Emile Hirsch.

PS. Considerer yourself honored to have received a personal email from a star of my caliber.

And thus, the internet Yuppie feeding frenzy was set off. People In the Know were nudging their friends and saying “Hey man, you heard Emile Hirsch’s band yet?” And it helped that the music included was really freaking dope. But like life in Jurassic Park, truth too, will find a way (remember that with your ladies fellas). The other shoe dropped, and skeptics were validated when the group sent out a follow-up email:

So without any further ado, Emil & Friends has nothing to with Emile Hirsch. That was actually the actor attempting to take credit for music he did not create to make his career a little edgier and attract young hipster women. Emil & Friends is comprised of one 23-year old, production-wizard/musician named Emil.

But as much as Yuppies hate finding out the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz is just some 23-year old and they aren’t In the Know after all, they love great music even more. So let’s forgive the kid for his duplicity and take a look at some songs off the Downed Economy EP. The filters on the voices are sometimes a little meddlesome, but the beats have a great feel. Not quite dance party music, but it’ll have you bobbing your head. Would love to see him live though, get a better feel.

-Lord B

MGMT-Electric Feel (Emil Remix)

Emil and Friends-Downed Economy