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House Thursdays: John Roman

5 Nov

John Roman brings back old school house with Ready For This.

I feel like I am in 1988, lets all dance in a big room in wearing fluorescent clothing or double breasted suits…

House Thursdays

7 May

Jamiroquai technically isn’t house music. It has a lot of the same elements though. Really funky, a lot of disco influence in the vocals and bass and music that is just meant to be fun. Jamiroquai and French House both grew out of Disco and the concept that music should be really fun, happy and energetic. What is often forgotten because the music’s lyrics are fairly superficial is that the guys in Jamiroquai and the original disco performers are seriously talented musicians.

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House Thursdays

30 Apr

This was one of my favorite songs from last year. I could never decide whether I liked the remix or the original better. Eventually I realized that I liked the chorus of the original with the verse of the remix. Someone needs to get on that. Trust me it would be even more incredible.

Edit: This is actually possible now if you just queu the songs up. Booyah

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