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The Evolution of the Hipster

5 Dec

Man I wish that I had thrown something like this together. Check it out on Paste.com here.

My personal fave: 2006.

He seeks working-class authenticity, taking pride in his full beard and the fact that he’s often mistaken for a homeless person.

I dig the hat.

All of a sudden I have this strong desire to go listen to My Morning Jacket…weird

Where the Dirty Hipsters Are

5 Nov

Oh you silly hipsters. This isn’t really music related…but…

MGMT at the Prospect Park Bandshell

2 Jul

YDP attended the MGMT concert last night planning on some Electric Feel and Kids but not much else. The Prospect Park Bandshell was hopping with roughly a 45/55 hipster to yuppie ratio and it was a perfect night. There were even fireworks and an impromptu Jimi Hendrix style rendition of  “Star Spangled Banner.”

YDP was very impressed by their new music which showed musical growth and some new Southern Rock and Rock and Roll influences. Musically they were very tight and it translated to a live show much better than expected. They even played some ballads. Electric Feel killed it and showed some interesting improvisations on the original.

The one disappointment of the night? Kids.

Like last time I saw them at the Bowery Ballroom, they put on an ipod for the background and sung the words. Unlike last time, the whole band was up there playing random instruments in a way that detracted from the song. Their disdain for the playing that song was clear from the rest of the band joking around to the attitude of the singing.

So while YDP was impressed by the musical growth and range that MGMT showed, they either need to compose some new renditions of Kids or at least take it seriously. I can understand them being tired of playing that song but its the reason why they were able to sell out the Bandshell. They also had a great crowd that was really enthusiastic and receptive to their new music so if anything Kids allows them to expose people to their new songs.

Till next time…

"Why are my jeans so tight?"

"Why are my jeans so tight?"