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Mercury Prize 2009: A Preview

1 Sep
Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

So you mave have heard me bringing this up a few times, but the vaunted Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize is scheduled to be awarded next Tuesday, September 8th.  Unlike the Grammys, the Mercury Prize is one award for a specific category, rather than running the gamut of genres and contributions. This award, based in Britain, is reserved for what the critics across the pond deem the best album of the year.

Why does this matter?  Because one of the bands that I so graciously allowed you  In the Know on may very well WIN this award–and well, by then it’s too late.  You should consider this post a last chance for you to save yourself some Yuppie street-cred and claim you knew about them before they struck it big, although in the case of the Mercury Prize Winners, taking home the number one spot has resulted in a cover-of-Madden type curse, dooming the act to further obscurity.

In fact, 2008’s winner, Elbow is just beginning to shake this stigma, with their songs getting play on shows like FX’s Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, the movie Burn After Reading, and even the music soundtrack for thrilling zombie videogame Left 4 Dead.  This five man group, lead by Gus Garvey, has been plugging along since 1990.  Their breakthrough achievement didn’t come until their fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid.  Now, their single Grounds for Divorce is gaining traction.  Expect another post on me Friday after the winner is announced, as well as a celebration of what may well be a death knell of their musical career.

But who will be this year’s lucky winner?  Tune in next week to hear YDP’s take on this year’s proceedings.

Now here’s some music!

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(Follow the jump for the full list of Nominees as well as highlights of past winners…and those who didn’t make the cut)

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i heart norway. i heart the Casiokids.

19 Aug

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Casiokids! Casiokids! Casiokids!

Who are they? Okay so these guys are on Moshi Moshi records (Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Lykke Li, Architecture in Helsinki, Matt And Kim) so they’re legit and fun, but other than that all I know is that they’re from Norway, and they like big paper mache heads (see video below)?

Sounds like? Well they are kind of what I expect a collaboration between Hot Chip and the lead singer of Sigur Ros to sound like…yeah… haunting discopop? I’m not sure if that’s the best explanation but it’s all ive got. Think music that would fit on a playlist with The Knife, Empire of the Sun…Hot Chip

So basically i dont know much about them, but i totally dig this track…

Buy the 7″ here!

Oh man Norway, yes.

Who wants to go on a hot air balloon ride with me?

It’s time for a new music talk show. I say do it with puppets.

31 Jul
I had a vision yesterday.

I didnt see dead people, I wasn’t led through a metaphorical desert by a naked Native American, nor was I beckoned to the end of a pier by the heavenly Jennifer Connelly. No, it wasn’t normal like that. But, I did see the future, and it was glorious. So what was this vision right? Well, I was sitting in my chair at work staring at my wall (like you do) when all of a sudden it struck me like a bag of soap bars. The most perfect show to ever grace the interwebs/airwaves could be, nay SHOULD be an Indie/electropop/dance music puppet-talk-show. That’s right, let it soak in.

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