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Florence + The Machine – “Dog Days Are Over”

14 Jun

We here at YDP dig the soul filled sound of Florence and The Machine so we relish any opportunity to put one of her songs back up here. “Dog Days Are Over” was originally released as a single from Lungs back in the dark ages of 2008 (really not a very spectacular year for music in my opinion). Well a year and a half later it’s back with a new vid rockin’ and rollin’… Enjoy.


Coachella 2010! April 16-18

20 Jan

looks like fun

If somebody asked me to list the greatest (current) music festivals in the United States, I’d probably give them the following five in no particular order: Virgin Festival, SXSW, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch! Music Festival, and Coachella. Given that I will not be attending 4/5 of these events, pardon me while I gush about the one I will.

Welcome to Coachella 2010. A three day music fest located in sunny Indio California. From April 16-18, for the price of $269, you can rock your socks off, shake your groove thing, dance like a maniac, or sway awkwardly from side to side. The choice is yours! Currently in its 11th year, the show is bringing a solid mix of rock/indie/electronic/classic/contemporary/mellow/upbeat moods to the sunny April weekend. But what’s so special?

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Happy Holidays from YDP!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas from YDP. Hopefully St. Nick brought you some awesome swag – high-end electronics and iTunes gift certificates so you can buy all the music we hype up. Equally important, you avoided any encounters with Krampus (who I just learned about this year btw…we can talk about how it is a blatantly racist counterpart to Kris Kringle another day). I bring you a fun little in studio performance from BBC Radio 1. It’s Billy Bragg and Florence + The Machine (the harp is back!) in a soft little cover of “Fairytale of New York.” It’s originally done by the Pogues [lyrics here]. The original vocalist, Kirsty MacColl, was killed in Mexico in December 2000, a week before Christmas. It’s one of those classic rough stories, but the holidays are supposed to remind us to appreciate those that matter to us most.

May you and yours have a great day of togetherness and holiday cheer. Enjoy this beautiful tune.

Music of 2009: December 14, “A Kiss With a Fist

14 Dec


Florence + the Machine – A Kiss With a Fist

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Mercury Prize 2009: A Preview

1 Sep
Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

Ahhh, smells like corporate sponsorship!

So you mave have heard me bringing this up a few times, but the vaunted Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize is scheduled to be awarded next Tuesday, September 8th.  Unlike the Grammys, the Mercury Prize is one award for a specific category, rather than running the gamut of genres and contributions. This award, based in Britain, is reserved for what the critics across the pond deem the best album of the year.

Why does this matter?  Because one of the bands that I so graciously allowed you  In the Know on may very well WIN this award–and well, by then it’s too late.  You should consider this post a last chance for you to save yourself some Yuppie street-cred and claim you knew about them before they struck it big, although in the case of the Mercury Prize Winners, taking home the number one spot has resulted in a cover-of-Madden type curse, dooming the act to further obscurity.

In fact, 2008’s winner, Elbow is just beginning to shake this stigma, with their songs getting play on shows like FX’s Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck, the movie Burn After Reading, and even the music soundtrack for thrilling zombie videogame Left 4 Dead.  This five man group, lead by Gus Garvey, has been plugging along since 1990.  Their breakthrough achievement didn’t come until their fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid.  Now, their single Grounds for Divorce is gaining traction.  Expect another post on me Friday after the winner is announced, as well as a celebration of what may well be a death knell of their musical career.

But who will be this year’s lucky winner?  Tune in next week to hear YDP’s take on this year’s proceedings.

Now here’s some music!

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(Follow the jump for the full list of Nominees as well as highlights of past winners…and those who didn’t make the cut)

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YDP In the Know: Florence + The Machine

24 Jul
I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

I feel like I'm at a Renaissance Faire

Sometimes, a song’s reshuffled version will be so good that I’ll just have to hear the original beat.  This is what happened when I heard the remix of Florence and The Machine’s “Rabbit Heart.”  Make no mistake, listening to them made me fiercely want to be “In The Know.”  When you strip away the electronic production value, what you’re left with is a pretty good sounding little group.  Out of Britain, Florence “plus” the Machine is a team consisting of a female lead, Florence Welch, and her backing group.  It’s not enough for them to just be British though, as “The Machine” is actually comprised of drummer, guitarist, keyboardist plus a little extra.  The element that makes this a Yuppie’s wet dream is the Harpist though, best captured through their unplugged version of “Rabbit Heart.”

Another group that’s kicked around for a while before catching on recently, Florence + The Machine’s July album, “Lungs,” blew up when it hit, producing 4 singles, and inspiring a ton of remixes.  Apparently they were on track to really become popular, but were just on the wrong end of the news cycle–just as their album was about to top the charts, the King of Pop died, and he has continued to dominate record sales from beyond the grave all month.

My overall impression of the group: Sometimes the music feels like a trip to “ye olde renaissance faire,” (Raise it up) and at others feels like the bluesy soul touched upon by artists like fellow Brits Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen (You’ve Got the Love).  I definitely think the team is a keeper though, they’ll likely receive their due any day now.  And now you know.

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