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YDP In the Know: Ducksauce

8 Dec

Ducksauce can do it aNYway that you want to

Ducksauce is the much hyped collaboration between A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. Their mission is to bring back 90’s Disco House tweaked with the sounds of the 2000’s. They have been generating huge industry buzz as most DJ’s think that Disco and French house was the pinnacle of house music.

Check out the comments from other DJ’s in this teaser video. This type of buzz from a collaboration is unusual from DJ’s of totally different styles and eras. Even the guy giving me a haircut a month ago was talking about it.

Their first single “aNYway” has deep roots in the Disco and Soul songs of the 70’s and they pay tribute to that with this awesome musice video:

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden decided to put together a video to talk about the collaboration and their roots as Hip Hop DJ’s that moved to House Music. It is really interesting to hear them talk about the production process for house music and how difficult it can be.

I think this is a phenomenal collaboration: Armand Van Helden brings 15 years of experience making house music and A-Trak is one of the hottest up and coming hip hop DJ’s out there who seems to be transitioning to House and has greatly improved his production skills the past two years.

Since A-Trak brought up Stardust, I wanted to relive this great moment in house history when Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and Benjamin Diamond churned out “Music Sounds Better With You” after they essentially improvised it during a live show. The song only took one day in the studio to make. They never collaborated again with Bangalter focusing his efforts on Daft Punk. Now I don’t think Ducksauce’s first song is at that level but I hope that they continue to find time to get to the studio together. I can only imagine their “collabos” as Van Helden would say will get better in the future. And now you know…

More on Stardust and the music video for Music Sounds Better with You after the jump… Continue reading


I Hate Guitar Hero But I Guess DJ Hero Might Be Alright

22 Nov

I’ve always disliked the Guitar Hero/Rock band phenomenon. Honestly, if you are going to spend hours getting sick at Guitar Hero, why wouldn’t you just spend the time actually learning how to play guitar? You could be a pretty decent guitar player by the end of it and maybe, just maybe, one day you can write music that is good enough to be posted on Yuppie Dance Party…

Does anyone realize that Guitar Hero’s software platform is basically a carbon copy of Dance Dance Revolution which was fun, admittedly silly and at least got you to exercise with the pad.

Back in the day TKSama used to play DDR but used a controller instead of dancing (yes you can actually do that) and it was undeniably lame. Guitar Hero for all intensive purposes is an XBox controller shaped like a guitar…awesome! At the end of the day the only thing lamer than playing DDR with an Xbox controller is playing with with an XBox controller shaped like a guitar and acting like there is actual skill involved. I haven’t tried but I’m betting you can play DDR with the Guitar Hero guitar because they are THE SAME. And yes you are just playing DDR with Guns N Roses instead of Captain Jack

Check him out with that awesome red hat!

So when DJ Hero came out, my skepticism remained but now as I know more, I’m starting to wonder if DJ Hero could actually teach someone the skills to be a decent elementary DJ. After all with DJ’ing its not like you just can practice Stairway to Heaven until you are ready to to move on to another song. So yes, I’ll admit that I might be coming around a little for DJ Hero. I’ve never played but it sounds like it teaches how to mashup a song, crossfade and learn some techniques from DJ greats like Daft Punk. Guitar Hero still sucks though and I’m not reversing on that.

This mashup is from DJ Hero and is a mix that Daft Punk did for the game using “Da Funk” and some other song by a band named Queen

In Conclusion:

DDR, Daft Punk, Captain Jack and Queen= Awesome

Playing DDR with a controller=lame. Guitar Hero=lamer

And for DJ Hero the jury is still out

More Captain Jack after the Jump… Continue reading

Sunday Funday

22 Nov

Peter Gabriel is one awesome dude and “While The Earth Sleeps” shows off just what his range is.

Courtesy of Daft Punk with the caption “Relax Time.”

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Miami Horror

13 Oct

Several months ago YDP posted Miami Horror’s Make You Mine a ridiculous house song with disco roots…you know the stuff that made Daft Punk amazing. Surprisingly this formula has proved extremely hard for DJ’s to replicate. Enter Melbourne Australia, the extremely unlikely home of two of YDP’s favorite dance acts Cut Copy and and Miami Horror.

Miami Horror struck gold again with their new song Sometimes. If you listen closely you can hear the bass line from New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle.

Your weekly shots:

Edit: This video is totally weird. Why is this couple so awkward? Totally not the vibe I was going with on this song. I’d recommend just listening while you are pretending to work, don’t bother risk getting caught on YouTube for this…

Your Weekly Shot of Energy

24 Aug

You know in Mario Cart when you are driving along and you get the star? All of a sudden music starts playing for you, you drive way faster, people stay out of your way or get jacked up and things just generally go your way, even if its only 30 seconds.

That’s the idea behind this post: One balls to the wall song that is like downing a monster energy drink or for responsible adults a Sparks. Something that amps you up and gets the heart pounding.

Feel like you are in a real life not funny version of “Office Space?” Have to work until 2 AM? Bored out of your mind and want to go to sleep?

I am giving you your weekly shot of energy on Monday and suggesting you save it to that part in the week where you really need it.

Please restrain from banging your head, heading directly to the nearest bar and getting tequila shots for everyone, or jumping up and down

This is Daft Punk from their 2007 tour. Use with caution.