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College ft. Electric Youth – A REAL HERO

17 May

Real human beings.

I dig these guys and they’re putting me in a good mood on a Tuesday. Enjoy.



College: Where Today’s Music Becomes Popular

9 Feb

I’ll admit it, I’m late to post this video because I’m not in college anymore.  It’s getting harder and harder to maintain that tenuous thread to coolness that comes with eating frozen waffles and canned soup three meals a day.  It’s hard to form an identity without hours of free time to use watching every episode of SNL (the good ones, before all the talent left to do movies), Family Guy (can’t wait till all the talent leaves to do movies), or the year’s latest college comedic blockbuster (I guess these are the type of movies where that talent ends up), all things that people love to quote endlessly, thereby proving that they are in fact the coolest person in the quad.

But enough excuses about why this video isn’t new – when you work 60 hour weeks you miss out on the premieres of this stuff  – it’s still dope.  Kid Cudi continues to ride his wave of club hits (Day N’ Night being the most famous) right into college concert halls.  I think the song’s subject matter will explain why.