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Cold Cave – “Life Magazine”

2 Feb

Love Comes Close

Last year the Philly based group, Cold Cave, released their debut album Love Comes Close. We left a few tracks on the site back in October, most notably their first single “Love Comes Close.” Nothing about this album was remarkably new in sound, but it’s alarmingly catchy with very poetic lyrics. Caught somewhere between synthpop, post punk, and new wave, I like to consider the group one of the tail end acts of the neo New Wave (yes the universe might explode) resurgence that came to a crescendo in the late aughties. They’ve been compared favorably to New Order but while the nod should remain, I believe Cold Cave considers separate recognition; one beyond just another group swept up in the romance of’80s Britain.  Just listen to my favorite track off their album, “Life Magazine.”

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Music of 2009: December 24, “Love Comes Close”

24 Dec

What if Ian Curtis hadn’t tragically died? Would Joy Division have organically developed a more dance sensible sound a la New Order or continued to make brooding ballads? Who knows, but while late naughties Philly is a world away from late 70s Manchester, newcomer Cold Cave has teased us with the possibilities on their track “Love Comes Close.”


Cold Cave – “Love Comes Close”

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Cold Cave

22 Oct

Yeah I don’t mind getting on the train a little late if it’s worth going for a ride. I don’t know where this band’s headed, but I want to come along.