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Black Eyed Peas + LMFAO @ the Staples Center

30 Mar


Yuppie Dance Party is going to check out the Peas and LMFAO tonight at the Staples Center. Follow the concert @yuppydanceparty on Twitter.

LMFAO – I’m in Miami (Trick edit)


Buzz around the web

31 Jan

That's Buzz Aldrin from the 1969 summer swimsuit edition

  • Interview with The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger
  • Who’s gonna get a Grammy!?
  • MJ single demoing in 3d at the big G
  • Kanye dances back to PETA

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Even the French Hate Fergie

25 Jan

Was pleasantly surprised to see this little tidbit in the news yesterday:

The Black Eyed Peas were the victims of a blunder at France’s top music awards, where they were mistakenly named best international group.

It was either this or shots of The Mona Lisa..

It seems that even the French hate the Black Eyed Peas, first by mistakenly calling them up, and then by revealing that the voters really selected a German group instead, Tokio Hotel (who was booed when the mistake was corrected).  Apparently Vichy France is still going strong.  It’s not even like there was some “academy” behind the selection to screw them, because winners were voted for by listeners of NRJ, a major French radio station.  Basically the French nation screwed the BEP, probably while moping and smoking cigarettes.  If it’s some consolation, they did win best international song though for their shitty pop ditty “I Gotta Feeling,” which owned the club scene all summer.

These NRJ awards seemed quasi-legit, some big groups got recognized, our friend Ke$ha being one of them.  I found myself hoping there was some new Daft or Tellier coming out this year so that we can pull the plug on BEP again, only to give the award to someone with more original music.

Oh, here are the performances from France…we do like to leave you with music here at YDP.

Bonus (Real International Winner, you don’t need to know French to understand the Boos):

Music that I Hate: The New and Un-Improved BEP

15 Oct

I remember, in my youth, forming my musical identity.  These influences were wide ranging: from The Beatles to Busta

Would you believe this group actually used to not suck?

Would you believe this group actually used to not suck?

Rhymes, Wyclef to Mariah Carey, Jay-Z to Chicago, I soaked in everything.  But it wasn’t just those getting major radio play.  I found myself introduced to regional acts; The Roots, Gorillaz and No Doubt all surfaced in my consciousness before they were media darlings.  The groups I’ve named have solidified their identities by now, but looking back on their past, you could see in their early work more or less who they would become.

In fact, one of the small groups that made me love independent and lesser touted groups (you can trace back my pre-teeen yuppie roots to these experiences), hailed from Los Angeles.  I first saw their music video for Joints & Jams not on MTV, but at 2am on a local public access station.  It was so good, I bought their first CD, Behind the Front.  In fact, it was so good it propelled me to buy their second album, though not as sharp, Bridging the Gap.  But by the time the next album, Elephunk, dropped, something was changed.  The Black Eyed Peas were no longer who I thought they were.

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