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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Calvin Harris – Flashback

1 Mar

Hello everyone…you know it’s going to be a rough week when you hit Monday morning and can’t wait to have your next weekend already.  What usually carries me through is thinking back on the chaos that was my last night out.  It’s been a little while since we’ve featured something from Calvin Harris’ second album, Ready for the Weekend, but I think it’s well past time, and extremely appropriate here.  Join Mr. Harris in this “Flashback” to the weekend:

Calvin Harris – “Flashback”

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Why Can’t I Have You-The Cars

8 Feb

This may seem like an odd choice to fire you up but once you just go with it. You’ll see…

Surrender yourself to singer Ric Ocasek, cool 80’s hair, weird dancing, and musicians in a giant squoval.

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Holiday-Madonna (Stardust Edit)

14 Dec

Yes that is Madonna remixed with Stardust

Travis Barker’s Beastly Beats

8 Dec

Maybe you’ve seen Travis Barker do this before, but I completely take my hat off to his percussive ferocity as he plays over the Drake “Forever” remix…it’s so hard.  Really gives it that hard rock edge.  After listening to this you should probably go out and punch some Yuppies in the face.

Your Weekly Shot Of Energy: Queen-Play the Game

30 Nov

How can a video be so bad and so good at the same time? By the way Freddie Mercury is undeniable.

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Ninjasonik

9 Nov

The week already got to me

I left work early today.  I know the rest of you poor bastards are probably still at the control panel, wondering sadly where your unrequited hopes and dreams went (Hint: somwehere down the tubes, along with your youth).  For you, I’m bringing back Ninjasonik.  As Schuyfi showed us before, this guy knows what’s up.  He’s only 5’2″ or something, but he rocks like a maniac.  Get up, and get going.

Music Video: St. Vincent – Marrow

4 Nov



I'm in love.

St. Vincent is the stage name of Annie Clark. She’s a phenomenal musician and an amazing live act. I had the luxury of seeing her open for Andrew Bird last Wednesday at the 9:30 club. If you want a comparison, I think Sufjan Stevens meets Feist and Tori Amos is a proper take on the sound of St. Vincent. It works, and works well. She’s opened for acts like The National, Death Cab for Cutie, The Arcade Fire, and Grizzly Bear. Plus, like I’ve pointed out before, she was in the Polyphonic Spree. That’s cool. Here’s a video for her song Marrow. It’s very cool and makes absolutely zero sense. Don’t even act like you get it.

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Bizarre Love Triangle

19 Oct

This weeks weekly shot is the remix of Bizarre Love Triangle: A New Order Classic. Because it’s your weekly shot, I thought I would relive a forgotten extreme moment in American marketing history. Remember Surge? That was so extreme. I can’t help reminisce that the surge people missed the boat by like 2 years for energy drinks. Does that make them indie?

Till next week…

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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Miami Horror

13 Oct

Several months ago YDP posted Miami Horror’s Make You Mine a ridiculous house song with disco roots…you know the stuff that made Daft Punk amazing. Surprisingly this formula has proved extremely hard for DJ’s to replicate. Enter Melbourne Australia, the extremely unlikely home of two of YDP’s favorite dance acts Cut Copy and and Miami Horror.

Miami Horror struck gold again with their new song Sometimes. If you listen closely you can hear the bass line from New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle.

Your weekly shots:

Edit: This video is totally weird. Why is this couple so awkward? Totally not the vibe I was going with on this song. I’d recommend just listening while you are pretending to work, don’t bother risk getting caught on YouTube for this…

Your Weekly Shot of Energy-The Prodigy

21 Sep


Remember The Prodigy?

Then you can already understand why they would be a natural “Weekly Shot of Energy.” Designed for ravers staying up for days partying, The Prodigy fits the bill for a energy boost perfectly.

Realizing that I couldn’t just pick one song I finally decided to use some of the best songs from “Fat of the Land” would fit the bill.

Listening to it now its amazing how ahead of its time Prodigy was. They reached mainstream success making hardcore rave music that was good enough to get radio play.

Your Weekly Shot:

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Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

15 Sep
It's gonna be one of those weeks

It's gonna be one of those weeks

My girl Ladyhawke definitely deserves way more love than this, but I can already tell this week is gonna be a grind.  So let’s get right down to it:

This chick has asperger‘s, lactose intolerance, and some other crazy rare disease, but she still rocks out.  That means I have no excuse but to jam out and power through.  See you at the club after work.

Your Weekly Shot of Energy: Bounce-MSTRKRFT

15 Sep

Turn up really loud and repeat after me:

“All I do Is Party Ah Ah Ah Ah”

“So Bounce Low”

“Bounce High”

Note to readers: If you, like some of YDP’s friends like to get amped listening to Elliott Smith, Bread, Dave Matthews Band etc then this song will probably not have the desired effect on you.

I can’t stress this enough, for the desired effect, you need to crank it to ear damage loud. Generally this is a bad idea but once a week in a time of need is definitely acceptable.

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YACHT wants me to dance

8 Sep

It’s Tuesday. The Tuesday after Labor day weekend. My body hurts.

Lets dance anyway.

YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Time to catch up on posting…