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All early 90’s Hip Hop in 4 minutes.

18 May



Birthday Explosion!

4 Jun

We’re hitting the time of year when a LOOOOT of birthdays crop up.  “Why now?” you might ask.  Well, just think back 9 months, to when most of the country is snowed in, days are shorter, people huddle inside together and are forced to find ways to…entertain themselves.

The end result of this is a ton of summer celebrations, and smack dab in the middle of prime vacation time.  To commemorate, YDP is proud to share an original production created by a few of our friends, scored with the dulcet tones of thumping 80s style techno: Birthday Explosion.  You’re all invited!

[note: music is “Birthday Dance (Techno Mix)” by the Revelers Band]

U.S. troops going Gaga…

29 Apr

Props guys. You spent far too long putting this together, but bravo.

Why Yuppie Dance Party?

15 Feb

‘Cause it’s time for da Perculator…

“This is what English sounds like to non-native speakers”

23 Dec

Sounds like a dance party to me…


Stumbled across this (hold laughter please) while doing research on the construction of the language of the Na’vi race in James Cameron’s Avatar.  Please go see it.

Here’s a bit more info on the clip:

An Italian singer wrote this song with gibberish to sound like English. If you’ve ever wondered what other people think Americans sound like, this is it.

By Adriano Celentano.

Happy Thanksgiving from YDP!

26 Nov

Bet you'd gobble this up...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  As is the custom for this holiday, I’d like to give thanks for a few things in my life.

First, I want to give thanks for the opportunity to write about and share music and other related items here on YDP.  I also want to give thanks for 2 great co-writers.  Schuyfi and TKsama, you guys make me a better person! (holding back tears here folks).  Finally, I’d like to say I’m thankful for everyone who has shared their opinion on the appearance of Karen O.  You are the people that make the internet go.

Well, on that note, here’s some music! I love stacking remixes side by side with the originals.

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead [Emil & Friends Reworking]

The Mystery Jets – Half in Love with Elizabeth

The Mystery Jets – Half in Love with Elizabeth [Delorean Remix]

Happy Halloween from YDP

31 Oct

drunkpumpkinIt’s a big weekend, with Halloween falling on a Saturday this year.  Yuppies around the world really get up for this pseudo-holiday, because it’s a great way to showcase your wittiness and awareness of current events.  One of he better costumes spotted in a bar last night – Hunter S. Thompson.  Tonight, I expect to see more than a few Balloon Boys on the scene.  They won’t outnumber last year’s Halloween proclivity for Sarah Palins, but there should be more than one variation on a theme.

At any rate, enjoy your Trick or Treating.  I’ll leave you with this recycled, but never lame video.

Sorry Children, Daddy’s Home

23 Oct
We all love our long as they are sons...and athletes

We all love our long as they are sons...and athletes

Ok, so I’ve know I’ve been shirking my duties.  I’ve been like the absent father, abandoning you, my children, when you need me most.  When you’re learning to tie a tie.  When you’re trying to shave the first, faint pube-like hairs from your chin.  When you’re making your first bumbling attempts to learn to throw.

But I’m back.  I don’t want you to grow up throwing with a noodle arm.  I don’t want you to only know the names of characters in every Final Fantasy installment while being clueless as to the identities of America’s sports celebrities.  And I sure as heck don’t want you to think its ok to stay at home on the weekend instead of seeking out good music and throwing down!

No, you’re gonna grow up to live out my Yuppie dreams, and you’re gonna like it goddammit.

Daddy loves you.  Now Dance!

YACHT wants me to dance

8 Sep

It’s Tuesday. The Tuesday after Labor day weekend. My body hurts.

Lets dance anyway.

YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City)

Time to catch up on posting…

YDP hits the Century Mark!

4 Sep
If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

If you think this is big, wait till we hit our anniversary...

As thanks for your continued patronage, myself, Tksama and Schuyfi here at YDP would like to invite you to join in a celebration–for our 100th post!  I figured it’s only fair we throw a party (any excuse we can get, right?) and you’re all invited.  But a Yuppie Dance Party is unlike most others.  If you want a real sense, look back over our past few months:

So if you will, just pretend I’m your man Don Cornelius…and hop on the train.  Until next time y’all…PEACE…LOVE…AND SOUUUUUUUL!!!!

Music That Makes You Look Awesome Walking in Slow Motion To: Simian Mobile Disco

13 Aug

Since all the celebrity’s and glamorous people left me for the South of France this August I am putting myself in the music video for this song and setting it in Cannes or St. Tropez.

It opens on my yacht. It is the biggest yacht you have ever seen. It is pulling into port at Cannes or St. Tropez as the sun is setting. I step off the boat in slow motion as the camera pans around me. The average camera shot is about 2 seconds constantly shifting from profiles to me walking straight towards the camera to helicopter shots to me walking away from the camera. Why? Because it looks bad ass in a music video.

I am wearing white tie and smoking a cigar.

I get in my Bentley convertible that is waiting for me and get whisked off to an open air night club on the beach. At my table are Jamie Foxx, Sascha Baron Cohen, Jay-Z, some famous socialite heir that people would know, Ashton Kutcher,  and Vin Diesel. We sit there drinking Dom Perignon. There is a crazy party going on but it is important that we sit and look cool not interacting with each other besides the ocassional lean in comment. Then we all get up and roll to my yacht in a fleet of Bentleys.  As the yacht sails out of the harbor with a big party going the sun starts to rise.

In this entire video I only move in slow motion.

What Does A Yuppie Dance Party Look Like?

27 Jul

Key elements to a Yuppie Dance Party:

  1. Yuppies
  2. Yuppie Music. If this blog gets it right then we already posted it or will be posting it shortly.
  3. Alcohol or Drugs or both. What do you think this is? These are Yuppies we are talking about here.

As you can see, the stars align for this once in a five year occurrence (or every Wednesday and Thursday night at Pianos) at the Sasquatch Music Festival. In case you had any questions as to the demographic attending the music festival first of all its a music festival. But the lineup should make the picture crystal clear. Fleet Foxes, Kings of Leon, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, Mos Def to name a few. Yuppies, Check.

At this moment Santigold who YDP has previously reviewed is performing Unstoppable. Yuppie Music, Check.

Again its a music festival. Alcohol and Drugs, Check.

And now you know what a Yuppie Dance Party looks like. For further information click here.

keyboard cat…

17 Jun

Helen Hunt…Check
Hall and Oates…Check
Keyboard Cat…Check

I hate to keep posting videos…but really, it’s that awesome.