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Amanda F’in Palmer Celebrates Label Freedom – With Free Music!!!

6 Apr

I think she's trying to suggest something about the duality of man...

Happened to get steered toward Amanda Palmer‘s latest offering – glad I followed that hunch.  Turns out the former lyricist/songwriter of the Dresden Dolls just managed to be dropped from all obligations to her label, Roadrunner Records, after nearly two years of wrangling. The arc follows one similar to many relationships: a match made in heaven, with the label being great and supportive at the start, before priorities diverged, and one party wanted to leave the other.  Now, 3 records and “endless legal bullshit” later, Palmer celebrates by doing what she was contractually forbidden from while signed to the label: giving away her music for free.

Anyway, here’s Amanda Palmer’s “Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help your black ass.”  Amanda explains the title:

before any of you get up in arms about the title (peoples gettin’ mighty sensitive lately) please know:
the title is a reference to a lyric in a song called “fuck tha police” by a band called Niggaz With Attitude. look it up.

“The Truth…” – Amanda Palmer

Please visit her site to read all the lyrics (which I found stunning), see pictures from the recording session, and, if you like it, download the song (it’s free, but she’ll take donations).


Lonely Acapella

14 Jan

I want all bad news delivered to me by Barbershop Quartet

There are days I’m more glad I write for a blog than others.  When I have a new obsession that I want to share with tens of people, this is where I do it (my parents stopped humoring me a few years back).  Schuyfi probably thinks he knows a thing or two about acapella (let’s just say he’s had heavy incentive to hear instrument-less renditions of Frou Frou’s “Let Go,” Dido’s “Thank You,” and my personal fav, Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

So people singing in groups without backing music is something we’re used to.  In this day and age, the question becomes, how can the internet and technology combine to make this really weird?

Easy.  Don’t just dump the instruments and musicians – dump all your friends who approximate the instruments too!!  That’s right, with music editing equipment and the internet, any singer can now eschew other performers, instead singing the lead, harmony, bass line and any percussive accompaniments necessary to make beautiful music – without bothering with others.  It is, of course, what musicians like Trent Reznor have been doing for years (using multiple tracks in studio to produce music projects as solo artists), but applied to acapella, has found a fertile ground on youtube.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you multi-part acapella.

We range from the classic, as evidenced by this cover of The Simpson’s “Baby on Board”:

We move to the slightly more complex, as songs require re-arrangement for solo performance, vis a vis, Disney:

Then, we can sorta cheat – and mash together two solo multitrack-acapella performances to reprise what Simon and Garfunkel made into a hippie chart-topper:

And now, like Toad’s Place in New Haven closes out the night with the alpha and the omega…words really can’t describe it.

I’ll see you all next post.