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16 Jun

If This is Happening is truly the swan song of James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem project…bravo sir. A truly amazing album. This isn’t an introduction to a new decade music, but a nostalgic gaze upon the great musical influences in James Murphy’s life. Eno, Bowie, Byrne, Bush Tetras, Liquid Liquid etc etc etc.

Anyway the song “All I want” is James’ homage to Brian Eno (think Heroes with Bowie). It’s a 7 minute long track that hits from the beginning and barely builds through the piece. I liked it. Hopefully you will too.


New Single: Sleigh Bells – “Tell ‘Em”

29 Apr

Sleigh Bells debut LP will be out in about 2 weeks and the new single off the album (beyond “Infinity Guitars,” “Crown on the Ground,” and “A/B Machines”) just dropped. I love the track. The hip hop beats are there in full force, the overdrive on the guitars and a gushy pop sound, but with a “cleaner” overall feel.

This is grunge re-imagined by people that don’t live in the rain 80% of the year and received several gold stars in kindergarten.

YDP Exclusive: Hey Champ Signs With Townie Records

17 Mar

Hey Champ, the synth loving music nerds (two of its members attended NJ’s Princeton University) known best for their hits “Cold Dust Girl” and “Neverest,” have just announced that signing with Townie Records. Hey Champ is composed of singer and guitarist Saam Hagshenas, drummer Jon Marks, and synth/keyboard man Pete Dougherty and now plans to release their first album in the coming months.

Saam Hagshenas, Jon Marks, and Pete Dougherty

After several years of touring, and enough time and inspiration to record three albums worth of material, Hey Champ is excited to announce their plans to release the new album. Front man Hagshenas indicated that the band and Townie have been in talks since last August”s Lollapalooza.

Hagshenas cited the philosophical common ground they share with the label’s founder, Brent Stiefel, and the freedom he gave their band as key to their decision to go with Townie. “We have a lot of mutual respect for each other and this is a really good situation for us,” Hagshenas explained. “The best part about it though, is we get to get our album out which we are super excited about.”

Stiefel used to work at legendary record label Sub Pop, so the band was surprised when Townie Records initially approached them. “Sub Pop does much cooler stuff than us, like Wolf Parade, Iron and Wine, and the Shins” said Hagshenas, so the band was unsure where they fit in. After seeing Stiefel’s enthusiasm for their music and his vision to create “a different type of label” they bought in. The deal that Hey Champ and Townie signed is structured to give more profits to Hey Champ once certain costs of releasing their album are offset (unheard of at major labels). Stiefel also envisions Townie remaining small enough to give personal attention to the bands that they sign.

Asked about signing Hey Champ, Stiefel said, “I’m very excited to have Hey Champ as the first band signed to Townie Records. They represent exactly what I am looking for in a band – – outstanding music, stage presence, personalities, versatility and intelligence. I can’t think of a better group to be the label’s flagship band and I look forward to accomplishing great things with them.”

We’ll have more contact with the band and further interviews in the coming months as they gear up to release their first full length album!

Check out there Cold Dust Girl and Neverest and be sure to buy their music if you like it.

Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

28 Feb

Local Natives

This is not the album art...but I like the picture more

The Local Natives are a 5 piece indie rock band that hails from Los Angeles. Already boasting a huge following in the sprawled city, their debut album Gorilla Manor was just released in the U.S. on Frenchkiss Records, February 16, and its the first great album I’ve heard this year. When you listen to the songs you’ll hear a little of the Dodos (also signed to Frenchkiss), a lot of the Fleet Foxes, and honestly some more folksy sounding Format (but maybe that’s just Airplanes).

These guys went completely under my radar for the past six months (even their signing to Frenchkiss records). Like most great acts, the Europeans were hyping this band before we were (the exception being you Los Angeles of course). I’m positive this album will be on more than a few top ten lists at the end of 2010. Check out the tracks on youtube and if you like it go buy these guys’ record.

“Airplanes” live BBC session

Check out a few more of their songs after the jump

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Buzz around the web

31 Jan

That's Buzz Aldrin from the 1969 summer swimsuit edition

  • Interview with The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger
  • Who’s gonna get a Grammy!?
  • MJ single demoing in 3d at the big G
  • Kanye dances back to PETA

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Iron Man 2 Soundtrack: AC/DC Greatest Hits…still aint no Heavy Metal

28 Jan

Only RDJ could have made Iron Man cool. Seriously.

Marvel and Columbia Records have announced that AC/DC will release “AC/DC: Iron Man2.” It’s a greatest hits soundtrack loaded with nothing but glorious AC/DC . I guess I’m supposed to think of Iron Man the next time I’m drunkenly belting out “You shook me all night long.” I guess I can do that. The first video pushing the album is for “Shoot to Thrill” and features clips of the movie mixed with live footage of the band on tour somewhere last year (apparently Buenos Aires).

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I definitely just crapped my pants due to the badassness of that video. I mean Jesus Christ, the song was good in 1980, but rock music and power suits!? Sign me up! Sure this is a silly marketing move, but it’s one with balls, big Australian balls. I’m positive they will score the movie with songs that weren’t penned by Bon Scott/Brian Johnson, but really at the end of the day, what’s the point? Now that I know AC/DC is involved I expect an ear bursting, seizure inducing rock fest with nothing but tits, violence, and rock n’ roll. Hell, I want Heavy Metal.

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YDP Goes To Russia to Interview Xuman Records

17 Dec

Tomorrow Xuman Records drops the labels first album. Their compilation CD, Tales, is a showcase of eleven of the top acts on Xuman Records, a new label and musical family based outside of Moscow. Started by Alexander Xuman, a popular Russian DJ, as an electronic music project, it grew with the mission to make “listener friendly music” for the masses.

From what I’ve heard, the music is really excellent. Essentially this label is an entire parties worth of music where every song, someone comes up to you and asks “where did you find this song?” The variety and consistent high quality of great music blows me away. Of particular note are Xuman, Upstation, and S T I. The studio time together has clearly made the sum of the work better than the parts because honestly I have never heard so many excellent bands without individual albums out.

YDP had the chance to catch up with some of the guys before their album release to find out where they came from, what its like living in their studio and if they plan on being the Russian Wu Tang Clan. Keep an eye on Xuman Records as they plan their takeover of the US.

The English was sometimes broken (tense issues) but we found that it doesn’t take away from the explanations of their music so left it as is.

Here is there first single Panic and be sure to check out their music.

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Julian Casablancas (from The Strokes): Phrazes for the Young

4 Nov

About a month ago, I felt as though we were being teased by a single off the solo debut of Julian Casablancas. Listening to “11th Dimension” left me wondering if the finished product would be nearly as good. As it turns out, it’s a gem of an album and one that will surely be making the top ten in several “best of 2009” lists. I know it will be in mine.

YDP Reviews Talks About:

Julian Casablancas : Phrazes for the Young

Phrazes for the Young

I'm so 70s it hurts

Do you remember where you were when you first heard the Strokes debut record, Is This It. It was the fall of 2001 and I know exactly where I was; in a friend’s car jamming out to DC 101. God, that was a fantastic rock album. How about the follow-up album Room on Fire (2003)? It wasn’t as much fun as their debut, but it was a more complex album that left us with fantastic tracks like “Reptilia,” and “12:51.” Three years passed and First Impressions of Earth (2006), an under appreciated gem, limped by almost unnoticed. Now, facing the end of the first decade of the 2000s, we’ve only been gifted three records from one of the most promising rock bands of the last ten years. But what if you’re hungry for more? Well it’s too bad, wait a little longer because I’m sorry but this is not a new Strokes record. REPEAT. This is not a new Strokes record. No, what you get is an awesome solo debut from Julian Casablancas titled Phrazes for the Young. REDUNDANT WARNING: Do not think this is a Strokes album…otherwise you might be disappointed.

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Radioclit and Africa FTW

28 Oct


Now those are happy faces.
Do you remember when everyone had a remix or mash up using M.I.A.’s  “Paper Planes” beat (from Diplo/Switch); this was about a year and a half ago. I mean James Murphy even took a stab at discoing it up but nothing really stood head and shoulders above the rest. But then this off the wall remix came from Radioclit featuring an artist from Malawi named Esau Mwamwaya. Boom went the dynamite.

Here’s the Recording titled “Tengazako” it’s just his lyrics over the beat with a Diplo/MIA blessing…

And a live version…

Basically everybody was like, “hmm this is interesting, we all like it. But is there more? Will it be good without the soul of the clash willing it towards success?” Oh my god Becky, it totally is! I think I just peed a little, this album is shibbyriffic.

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New Moon Soundtrack (From Stereogum)

14 Oct

The whole Twilight thing is really beyond me, but I’ve never really liked vampires much anyway. I’m more of a werewolf man myself. Either way the soundtrack sounds like it’s going to be pretty damn good, so who am I to hate on a teenage girl fantasy of dating a vampire.

Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”

Bon Iver & St. Vincent – “Roslyn”

Grizzly Bear (feat. Victoria Legrand) – “Slow Life”

A bit of info on the artists above

Thom Yorke is the lead singer of the hugely influential British rock band Radiohead (just in case you didn’t know…). Without a doubt whenever Thom does something, the indie music world pees itself a little in anticipation.

Bon Iver (pronounced ee-ver like the French word for winter) is the stage name of Justin Vernon. He put out a beautiful album in 2007 titled “For Emma, Forever Ago” and just this year released with a new band, Volcano Choir. St. Vincent is the stage name of Annie Clark, former member of the Polyphonic Spree. I don’t actually have any good excuse why we haven’t talked about her at all on this site. Her newest album “Actor” is fantastic. (note to self, talk about St. Vincent more)

Grizzly Bear is some band based in Brooklyn. That is all. I mean really? C’mon, it seems like they’re playing “Two Weeks” on every talk show in america, I feel like my mom knows who they are. Victoria Legrand is half of Beach House, an awesome indie pop duo from Baltimore, Maryland (what what!). Anyway she is awesome, and that band just got signed by Sub Pop so watch out…On another note she does backup vocals on “Two Weeks” so I think my mom could probably recognize a picture of her. Go mom.

The 11 days of Jay-Z: Day 5, Victory Lap

5 Sep


When Blueprint 3 releases on September 11, it will be the eleventh studio release from Jay-Z in just over thirteen years. We decided now would be a perfect time to look back on the career of one Mr. Shawn Carter. One new day, one new album; a walk down memory lane with the music of one of the greatest rappers alive.

September 5, 2009

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia

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The 11 days of Jay-Z: Day 4, Our lives and times

4 Sep

do you know who he is?

do you know who he is?

When Blueprint 3 releases on September 11, it will be the eleventh studio release from Jay-Z in just over thirteen years. We decided now would be a perfect time to look back on the career of one Mr. Shawn Carter. One new day, one new album; a walk down memory lane with the music of one of the greatest rappers alive.

September 4, 2009

Vol. 3..The life and times of S. Carter

Maintaining his yearly position on the charts and silencing many of the critics from Hard Knock Life, Jay-Z solidified his place as a rap juggernaut when he released “Vol. 3..The Life and Times of S. Carter” in the winter of ’99. He’s takin’ over.

Notable Producers: Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Rockwilder

Notable Singles: “Big Pimpin”, “Jigga My Nigga”, “Do it again (Put ya hands up)”

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The 11 days of Jay-Z Countdown: Day 3, Ghetto Anthem

3 Sep

I bet he has 3 of least.

I bet he has 3 of least.

When Blueprint 3 releases on September 11, it will be the eleventh studio release from Jay-Z in just over thirteen years. We decided now would be a perfect time to look back on the career of one Mr. Shawn Carter. One new day, one new album; a walk down memory lane with the music of one of the greatest rappers alive.

September 3, 2009

Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life

Three years and three albums brought more success to Mr. Carter with the biggest single of his career (at that point), “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).”

Notable Producers: Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, The 45 King, Jermaine Dupri

Notable Singles:  “Can I get a..”, “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem), “Jigga What, Jigga Who”, “Money, Cash, Hoes”

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