F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to Yuppie Dance Party! We created this F.A.Q. to answer any and all questions that might come up while you peruse our collection of balderdash important music stuff.

What is Yuppie Dance Party?

This here kiddies is a music blog that we’ve dedicated to updating semi-regularly. We listen to any and all music but only talk about a small portion of it; the stuff we think is “good” or worth sharing. Hopefully you’ll agree with us, but maybe you won’t. I can’t really tell you what to expect from this site, we just like to dance.

What is a yuppie dance party?

Well Timmy, a yuppie dance party is a gathering of affluent upwardly mobile young individuals who partake in group movements to a series of songs that are either “hip to the moment,” or “nostalgic for a simpler time.” While some might mistake these gatherings as networking activities, they are just young individuals socializing to contemporary classics like everybody else. The musical selection is vast and can spread multiple genres in one single dance party (indie, pop, reggae, funk, 80s new wave, dubstep, garage rock, etc). The host will often spend days meticulously selecting each track in order to set the right tone. Often beverages will be served next to some tasty hors d’oeuvres.

Who writes for Yuppie Dance Party?

We are a constantly evolving organism of unimaginable powers and indescribable beauty. I’m just kidding. But seriously, we’re aliens and we think yuppies get a bad rap so we’re setting the record straight. Maybe I’ll tell you more later. Maybe.

Why don’t you guys have a cooler looking site?

Great question! If you are (or know) somebody who fancies themselves a bad ass web developer/artist and you’d like to contribute to our haxor skillz, then by all means contact us! I personally guarantee that you will receive your very own mix cd that I will personally decorate with not one, not two, but THREE different colored Sharpies. Oh I’m serious.

Who should I direct Hate-mail towards?

Please address all Hate-mail to BigDaddyB.

Do you really hate Karen O?


We tend to a decent amount of traffic through an article titled “Why I hate Karen O.” But, our official stance on Karen O is appropriately titled “Why I love Karen O.”

What about music on the site?

All music shared on this site is the sole property of the artists we talk about and are only meant as samples. Please, for the love of god  if you like it then do any or all of the following: see them live, buy their merchandise, and if you’re feeling like high roller, buy their music. Spread the word if you think they’re good enough to talk about. We clearly do.

There is a ton of music out there in the world, so if you want to send us your music, highlight an underground band, or you take concert pictures, then drop us a line! Also, if you have any questions, hatemail, requests for music, requests to remove tracks, love for me specifically (Tksama), or want to advertise on our blog, please contact us.

Contact us

Carrier pigeons or email work best. yuppiedanceparty@gmail.com


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