FOSTER THE PEOPLE keeps banging out the hits that nobody seems to be listening to.

12 May

I’ve been pimping Foster the People to everybody I meet. Not because I owe them anything, but because they make infectiously good music that I think should blanket the airwaves. As it stands, PUMPED UP KICKS is all over KROQ and I’m cool with that.  It beats listening to more Mumford and Sons (c’mon that album came out in 2009 and Little Lion Man is on rotation like it’s a new single).

There’s no album yet, but with the way these guys are pumping out tracks I have to imagine it’s nearly complete. This new track is called “CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT” and I dont know why but all I can’t think of is “December, 1963 (Oh what a night)” by the Four Seasons. Craaaazy.


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