Micachu & the Shapes – “Turn Me Well”

5 Apr

Welcome to the next experimental pop artist. Micachu & The Shapes released Jewellery last year to a ton of critical acclaim but very little mainstream success. The song “Turn Me Well” starts off with a vacuum and goes on to sample other odd sounds in a great composition. Enjoy!

HQ track:

Golden Phone:


One Response to “Micachu & the Shapes – “Turn Me Well””

  1. schuyfi April 8, 2010 at 8:21 AM #

    I met Micachu onced: I went see them at Piano’s but it was sold out so I was just hanging out at the bar.

    All of a sudden someone grabbed my thigh and it turned out to be Micachu who thought I was someone else. I in turn had no idea what Micachu looked like. We proceeded to talk for a couple minutes about Micachu and the Shapes and how I wasn’t going to get in. She is a tiny British woman who was drinking Jameson, I was drinking beer. 5 minutes later someone told me that was Micachu…

    Sweet story

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