YDP Interviews: LaJo$eph

3 Apr

YDP loves stumbling across great new tracks (email them to us at yuppiedanceparty at gmail dot com), and were lucky to discover LaJo$eph (Facebook Fan Page), a college junior who just started making electro/techno-riffs in the past year.  They’re pretty catchy, so we reached out for a look into the musical mind of this new young artist, whose tracks brim with a feel-good, pulsing, party feel.

LaJo$eph was kind enough to share with YDP two exclusive tracks, “Come Together “and newly-minted “Small Talk,” completed just last night.  “Come Together” was one of my favorites from his rapidly growing track list.  “Small Talk” is very different from his other offerings, with LaJo$eph claiming it as his favorite creation to date.  In it, he really takes down the tempo gives you something to throw in the playlist  for nighttime head-nodding sessions.

“Come Together”:

Download “Come Together” – Click Here

“Small Talk”:

Download “Small Talk” – Click Here

Interview after the jump, where we learn his musical inspirations, discover he’s a raver at heart, and find out why there are no lyrics to his music…yet.

YDP: Tell us a little about yourself.

LaJo$eph: I am a twenty year old college student from the Washington D.C. area. I’ve played the guitar for about 8 years. I got into the techno/electronic scene after I stopped playing football at school this year and needed something to do with my life.

YDP: What do you want your music to make people do?

L: I dont know…buy it? Also, I hope people can realize that not all songs need words. I’m not saying I won’t ever write songs with words, but I think words can often limit the listener’s imagination. If I’m singing in a song about some girl you’ve never heard of, what are you supposed to do with that? Plus, lyrics about girls is just too typical for my tastes…but to be honest, I’m mostly just bitter that I don’t have a mic and can’t think of good lyrics yet. When I have something to say though, I’ll put words in.

YDP: What’s your current equipment setup?

L: The only thing I use is Fl Studio 9.

YDP: What are your musical influences?

L: My music is most influenced by girls I want to hook up with…as for music specifically though, I’d have to say Owl City. Owl City inspired me to make entire songs on my own with just a computer.

YDP: Do you have a favorite band?

L: Of all time, I would have to say Blink-182. I wish I had a voice like Tom’s.

YDP: What are your top 5 songs of right now?


1. Bulletproof by La Roux
2. Seagulls by Port Blue
3. On the Wing by Owl City
4. Kids by MGMT
5. Drop the World by Lil Wayne, Eminem

YDP: All-Time #1 Party Jam?

L: I can always get rowdy and injure a few people by jumping up and down to “Sandstorm” by Darude.

YDP: Finally, what does the handle “LaJo$eph” mean?

L: It means I’m not as clever as I think I am. I couldn’t think of a name for myself without stealing a page out of the book of LaMichael James and LeGarrett Blount of the Oregon Ducks football team…and, of course, Ke$ha.

Thanks again to LaJo$eph for sharing the tracks and answering our questions!


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