CHEW LiPS – “Solo”

2 Apr

Zeeee band!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce CHEW LiPS. The beautiful voice of Tigs layered over the glorious sounds of Will Sanderson and James Watkins. These guys have shown up like a hurricane and yet don’t receive the acclaim they deserve. Their debut album Unicorn came out a few months ago and we’ll do all we can to give it a listen. In the meantime here’s a sample of their sound from the EPs they dropped last year.

CHEW LiPS – “Solo”


Honestly I love this song so much and it’s made my LA car mix (which is big because the cds dont change that often drive times in LA are so long….). What does it sound like? Well, maybe a little Metric with Emily Haines leading the way. Either way, i’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Check out the music video and a few other songs after the jump:

Music Video:

CHEW LiPS – “Solo” (David Sugars mix)

This one’s not that much different but it adds a little more bounce to the song. I still like the original more.


CHEW LiPS – “Salt Air”

[Audio Lips – Salt Air.mp3]


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