Daamnn. That Don’t Sound Too Good Bill Murray

25 Mar

UPDATE: This is an update on a January 9 post. It seems appropriate as it turns out Bill Murray, the RZA and the GZA actually do hang out. Bill Murray brought the Wu Tang after party to a bar at SXSW and served everyone tequila shots no matter what they ordered. Of course the RZA and the GZA didn’t partake because alcohol causes “serious delirium.”

Original Post Below:

Once about every year or so, I become obsessed with the Wu Tang Clan, the 36 Chambers, The Killa Bees, Ghostface Killah, The GZA, THE RZA, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Method Man, ODB, Raekwon and Bill Murray. Bill Murray?  Thats right Bill Groundhog Day Ghostbusting Ass Murray.

Here is about an hour of Wu Tang Family and solo classics to chill out to this Saturday. Wu Tang Killa Bees we on a swarm!

Edit: Grooveshark Fail-It lists a couple songs twice for no reason. There are worse things than having to listen to Protect Ya Neck twice…

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