Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

28 Feb

Local Natives

This is not the album art...but I like the picture more

The Local Natives are a 5 piece indie rock band that hails from Los Angeles. Already boasting a huge following in the sprawled city, their debut album Gorilla Manor was just released in the U.S. on Frenchkiss Records, February 16, and its the first great album I’ve heard this year. When you listen to the songs you’ll hear a little of the Dodos (also signed to Frenchkiss), a lot of the Fleet Foxes, and honestly some more folksy sounding Format (but maybe that’s just Airplanes).

These guys went completely under my radar for the past six months (even their signing to Frenchkiss records). Like most great acts, the Europeans were hyping this band before we were (the exception being you Los Angeles of course). I’m positive this album will be on more than a few top ten lists at the end of 2010. Check out the tracks on youtube and if you like it go buy these guys’ record.

“Airplanes” live BBC session

Check out a few more of their songs after the jump

“Warning Sign”

That Fleet Foxes sound is much more obvious in this Talking Heads cover. A great interpretation of the song.

“Wide Eyes”

“Shape Shifter”

Sounds Like:

The Format


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