R. Kelly Will Do Freaky Things to You

26 Jan

In case you weren’t paying attention. The new R. Kelly album dropped so I thought I’d let you know how the man figured out his album with some good old fashioned market research. Oh yeah by market research I mean getting girls pregnant, banging the headboard, get your eyes rolling back fingernails in your spine etc…

"You Make Me Wanna Git You Pregnant"

Here is how R. Kelly got his album right:

“I did my homework on this album…for three months straight, I threw a party at my house every weekend. I can’t go to the clubs anymore because as soon as I walk in, I’m on YouTube. But I love to party… so I brought the party home… like 200 girls come over, and there’s some guys too, like four or five, but no pictures, so we can all be ourselves. Then I’d play the music and see how they would react… if they didn’t feel it, I’d go back downstairs and rework it…”

From Rollingstone

I included the entire new R. Kelly album in order below. Listen to it and see if man’s hard work paid off.

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By posting this I am going to assume that all the girls referenced in the songs and at his party were over 18. He was acquitted right?


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