Professional Athletes in Music (I)

12 Jan

Watch the “LT Slide, Electric Glide”

Yesterday an old video of future Hall of Fame (and fantasy stud of the 00’s) running back Ladainian Tomlinson surfaced on all the music blogs (Well pretty much just stereogum via videogum, Pitchfork, and some random guy blogging on 50 cent’s website). The song and dance are pretty funny and the video was supposedly made by Nike marketing a few years ago. So says the spider Chargers Twitter account

But really, the video got me thinking about all of the wonderful music that professional athletes have given us over the years. Honestly it was a lot of fun digging up some of the random trash (and treasures) that were out there. I’ve picked some of the best, and wow, there are some “good” tracks out there.

Professional Athletes in Music (part 1)

’85 Chicago Bears

Sport: American Football

Song: “Superbowl Shuffle”

From everything that I’ve found (or been told about athletes in music) this video seems to be the benchmark for how bad athletes making music can be. It’s got ’80s cheese written all over it from the bad haircuts to awkward dance moves and poor editing. If you ask me, this song was to “athletes in music” as Doom was to “video games in movies;” as much as any ambitious producer wants it to work, oil and water just don’t mix (and yes i know there are exceptions, even to the rule). Can you believe this song charted?

’87 Lakers

Sport: Basketball

Song: “Just Say No to Drugs”

In defense of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson (My all-time favorite player), I will say that having a positive message like “say no to drugs” is a pass on making a poor song (see alternate example); but not completely. In fact, no excuse could address this ridiculous song and even less creative video. I mean, would it have been that hard to throw in a few clips of some alley-oop jams instead of kids who were almost all probably smoking weed (or tried it) within a decade of that song. Good work War on Drugs, way to make a cool group of guys just slightly less cool.

Junkyard Dog

Sport: Professional Wrestling

Song: “Grab them Cakes”

Depending on who you talk to, Professional Wrestling isn’t a real sport. Well, I say, for the sake of argument, that it is and any music a wrestler releases becomes fair game for this article. Wonderful! Really, there are just too many gems from the wrestling ranks to not include it. I chose Junkyard Dog’s song “Grab them Cakes” to be the first and I hope you’ll enjoy. He was a wrestler who enjoyed immense success in the early 80’s, including a win in the first WWF Wrestling Classic.

Oscar De La Hoya

Sport: Boxing

Song: Run to Me

For 3 minutes and 43 seconds I was convinced that I could single handedly kick Oscar De La Hoya’s ass in a fight, no question. I even started to toy with the odds in an even match up with Enrique Iglecias. Upon further consideration I am of the sure he would leave my face a bloody and bruised mess. But in all honesty, how good could your album really be when you let the Bee Gees write the songs. Speaking of the Bee Gees, I think they’ve officially reformed. Oh happy day.

Stay tuned for our next installment of Professional Athletes in Music

Sources [MTV (James Montgomery)]



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  1. Christopher February 7, 2010 at 8:30 AM #

    lol @ junkyard

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