Remember, Live Music Must be Lively

10 Jan

The other day, I got a youtube “subscription notice” about a new clip.  It was from one of the bands I liked, but hadn’t heard from in a while: MUTE MATH.  Turns out they were distributing concert video from their recent tour in Japan.  In it, they are performing their single “Spotlight” (a song that was just re-released on the movie Twilight‘s soundtrack) before a galvanized crowd.  It’s worth sharing:

Rock so hard you defy gravity

This made me think two things: Speaking in general, live music is awesome.  More specifically, Mute Math gets after it.  They’re pretty mild in this piece, (see this here video for evidence of some musical hate crimes on a drum-kit generally reserved for Tool, Fear Factory or Dying Fetus) but have no problem raising their level of intensity for an audience.  Their drummer duct-tapes his headphones to his head during gigs.  It’s extremely necessary.

I’ve included a few tracks off their eponymous first album released in 2007.  They made a few waves, but not until they hitched their wagon to the movie about vampire rape fantasies did they get more notice.  Their second album, Armistice, came out in May ’09.  My next mission is to see them live and get involved in a mosh-pit.  Cheers!

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