Music that I hate: Nickelback

30 Dec

I have avoided writing this post for a while because well its too easy. I wondered if I hated them too much, that maybe they were ‘overhated.’

Well I’m past that.

What changed you ask?

Earlier this month Billboard unveiled the top selling artists and groups of the decade and at number 7 –first among rock bands– was Nickelback. I have been quietly steaming and rage has been building. In fact its continued building as I am writing this post. Whenever I write about an artist, I listen to their tracks to inspire me. I have already churned through “Never Gonna Be Alone” “Burn it to the Ground” and “If Today Was Your Last Day.” FML…

To demonstrate how personal this post is to me I have compiled a partial list of things that Nickelback has ruined for me.

  1. Nirvana
  2. Male rock singers with long hair
  3. Male rock singers that shout
  4. New rock music this decade
  5. Puppies

In case you were hoping for some music you are out of luck, Google it. You will find no such filth on our site. Sorry. (“Rockstar” is playing now and I am wondering how quickly I can wrap this stupid post up…AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!)

"Who Am I?"

Nickelback is like an evil Avatar of all things that have been positive in rock music. It sounds vaguely reminiscent, but somehow wrong and evil. Yes, Chad Kroeger shouts into the microphone, but he does it without any feeling, any angst or anything that would justify screaming into the microphone for every single song that you make. I know they say its bad to judge a book by its cover but I read all of the book Blink and know what it taught me?

That people can recognize tools instantly.

Just look at him, you can tell he sucks (if he looks like a cool guy to you, I recommend taking a good hard look in the mirror…)

I don’t listen to rock music that much anymore and I think its because I associate Nickelback with rock after 8 years of whenever the radio being turned on hearing another stupid Nickelback song. I don’t know anyone that likes Nickelback. I really don’t. Everyone knows who Nickelback is and everyone seems to hate them. Why does anyone buy their albums? Is it because they get a lot of radio play? Someone please…

One time I was in a car with my dad and out of nowhere he told me “I hate Nickelback.” A Nickelback song wasn’t even on the radio when he said that, its awfulness was just singed into his brain and was taking away from his enjoyment of a car ride.  That is how bad Nickelback is.


2 Responses to “Music that I hate: Nickelback”

  1. Tommi December 31, 2009 at 2:48 AM #

    What is this website? My two best friends are blogging together??
    Word up, nickelback is the worst. I remember watching a terrible mtv special about them returning home to some shitty bar in Canada and being treated like gods. That bar is now the whole USA…

  2. dougthoughts November 5, 2010 at 8:02 PM #

    I hate how hypocritical they are in their polygamist style of “song” writing. They will go from that pants around your knees song to the I love you song. The only way I can get away from this band is to scream or run. Or both. They haven’t ruined rock for me, just the radio.

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