The Tiger Diss Genre Is Born…

29 Dec

If you're gonna have a mistress, at least make the most of it

Welcome back YDP readers!  Hope your holidays were good.  As usual, we’ve got more treats for you.

Sadly I missed this when it dropped because of the Christmas season, but Maino‘s released this hot new diss track – “Get ’em Tiger”  Can you guess what it’s about?

“Man I’m just a dog, I’d be faithful if I could – but I’m Tiger Woods, yep I’m Tiger Woods.”

The only problem I have with the is that Eldrick Tiger Woods doesn’t get with women who have the kinds of names Maino runs through on the track.  But then again it’s one of those artistic interpretations.  I guess he’s allowed room to take liberties.

Next up on the list is the remix of Tiger’s voicemail to one of this 15? (and counting) mistresses.  In a way, this track is kinda sexy.  But that’s just me.

Finally, let Billy Dee Williams make you an offer you can’t refuse – be sure to invest in the extra blank plates btw.


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