YDP In the Know: Hey Champ

10 Dec

YDP’s In the Know feature is rapidly evolving.  In our quest to be the best, we search high and low for good groups.  For those of you new to the blog, from time to time you may see us using this feature to perform a bit of shameless promotion of groups we love.  Hey Champ, a group out of Chicago, falls into this category – but for good reason.  Primarily a live band with roots in rock/indie/electronic, the group displays serious range by becoming involved in producing and remixing, along with creating their own blend of indie/dance/electronic music.  The lid’s been blown off this secret though – Lupe Fiasco actually picked up the group and put them on his label, First and Fifteenth.  They’ve most recently been on tour with him.  For a real good look at what they’re all about, check out this fantastic interview they did with Asian Dan, one of YDP’s favorite blogs, and what they had to say about making it big:

The shows are incredible. We went from a local Chicago band to playing for thousands of people. Each night we learn so much from [Lupe] and his band, and each night we leave the venue a better band. In case anyone was wondering, being a rock star is awesome…..

I highly recommend you take the short trip over to Hey Champ’s blog, where they’re offering a FREE download of their mixtape.  The choicest jams are Neverest (Raw Man Remix), Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ Remix) and (We Are) Champions, a Cool Kids x Hey Champ collab.  Tell ’em YDP sent ya!

Go download the mixtape...right...now.

But enough talk!  Now, to the music.

Cold Dust Girl:

French Horn Rebellion [Vid by Dance Floor Kids]: Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix)


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