The Music of 2009 (Advent Calendar style): December 3rd “I Poke Her Face”

3 Dec

3 oh, it's the magic number...

Advent calendars were all the rage in my house growing up. I feel like we always had at least three on hand for each holiday season. The chocolate was horrible, but that wasn’t the point. Here at YDP, we’re making our own Advent calendar filled with little morsels of good music. We have 24 tracks to remind us what a great year in music 2009 really was. But keep in mind the following:

  1. This isn’t our definitive “best of 2009,” but that’s coming soon.
  2. This isn’t our list of best Christmas songs sure to make the kids dance, but that’s also coming.
  3. This is just a great list of music from 2009 revealed one track at a time…


Kid Cudi – “Make Her Say” but really we all know it as “I poke her face” and that’s what it should be.

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Kid Cudi, Kanye and Common over a stripped down Poker Face hook equals pure gold. With no gloss and no heavy layering, this track is just a great cruising song with some profound lyrical content…yeah.

On a side note, I really expected Cudi to take off this year and while he’s had success I was really waiting for a Kanye-esque rise to the top. Since his production chops are high, I really chalk it up to his writing. I mean check out the lyrics on a Cudi song the next time you listen. Oh well. Maybe next year we’ll see bigger things when Cudder drops.


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