Ali Love Goes Back in Time to Make an 80’s Song

3 Dec

People familiar with YDP will know we have a huge soft spot for songs that made today but that sound like they were made in the 80’s. Why you ask? Thats easy, I’m kinda tired of all my 80’s songs but love 80’s music.

So when Ali Love comes in with his new song Diminishing Returns and a freaky music video featuring him wearing a chain mail hat, I got pretty excited. I love the sound and think that Ali Love does a great job with this song. I do have a bone to pick with Ali Love on the chorus and name of the song.

Love is a chain of diminishing returns?!?!?

Really Ali Love? You write pop music, not Economics text books. It doesn’t even really make sense. How bout:

“Love is the pain that continues to burn.”

Boom! Call me when you are writing your next song and we’ll collaborate. Hook me up with some cool 80’s gear and we’ll call it even.


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