The Music of 2009 (Advent Calendar style): December 2nd “The Afterlife”

2 Dec


Advent calendars were all the rage in my house growing up. I feel like we always had at least three on hand for each holiday season. The chocolate was horrible, but that wasn’t the point. Here at YDP, we’re making our own Advent calendar filled with little morsels of good music. We have 24 tracks to remind us what a great year in music 2009 really was. But keep in mind the following:

  1. This isn’t our definitive “best of 2009,” but that’s coming soon.
  2. This isn’t our list of best Christmas songs sure to make the kids dance, but that’s also coming.
  3. This is just a great list of music from 2009 revealed one track at a time…


YACHT – “The Afterlife”

  1. Light drums, check.
  2. Strong bass, check.
  3. Hand claps, duh.
  4. Obscure lyrics, oozing with them…nice

Welcome to “The Afterlife,” the fluffy electro pop release from YACHT (but fluffy in the best way possible). It’s definitely not a party track, but still fun and engaging enough for all to enjoy. Put on this track bounce around a little, listen to it in the car or at a party. Engage with people if you want to, disengage with life. Whatever man, it’s cool.

Thanks to jan brett for being such an awesome children’s author.


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