The Music of 2009 (Advent Calendar style): December 1st “Lust for Life”

1 Dec

He's going to mess you up

Advent calendars were all the rage in my house growing up. I feel like we always had at least three on hand for each holiday season. The chocolate was horrible, but that wasn’t the point. Here at YDP, we’re making our own Advent calendar filled with little morsels of good music. We have 24 tracks to remind us what a great year in music 2009 really was. But keep in mind the following:

  1. This isn’t our definitive “best of 2009,” but that’s coming soon.
  2. This isn’t our list of best Christmas songs sure to make the kids dance, but that’s also coming.
  3. This is just a great list of music from 2009 revealed one track at a time…


Girls – “Lust for Life”

With it’s jangling guitar and nostalgic longing for a California life I’ve never lived, Girls’ single “Lust for Life” delivers a song that makes you just feel carefree and summery…even in the dead of winter. That is, until you listen closely to the lyrics and begin to wonder if you’re really supposed to feel all that happy.

I Wish I Had A Father/And Maybe Then I Woulda Turned Out Right
But Now Im Just Crazy Im Totally Mad/Yeah Im Just Crazy Im Fucked In The Head

Wait, now I’m confused. But the song sounds so happy! This shit is bananas. Oh snap, I got it, maybe with a song titled “Lust for Life,” the artist isn’t going for blunt interpretation, but actually ninja irony. You see with blunt interpretation I could merely sit back and relax, listening to the track  knowing full well that all is right in the world and what the singer is telling me is actually how the singer is feeling. Like when Marc Cohn is “Walking in Memphis” But with ninja irony the plot thickens and I can’t take anything at face value…argghh!

Me with blunt interpretation:

Yes Girls, the band from San Francisco, I do wish i had a pizza and bottle of wine together, because those two things sound absolutely marvelous at this very moment. I also wish i had a beach house with a big bonfire…yay! I’m glad you guys are so happy with life. I’m going to go dance some more.

Me with ninja interpretation:

Oh shitzengiggles, as the song progresses he’s wishing for more and more things until he’s like, yeah maybe, if I decide I want to love you. Maybe he doesn’t want any of the things he’s wishing for. Maybe his point is that we just lust after the life that we don’t have and never enjoy the one we do. Maybe this song isn’t as happy as I thought it was. Damn you ironic ninja, my ass just stopped shaking to the music.

Ugh, woe is me. I’ll have to sit for hours analyzing the lyrics line by line until I find a meaning that can fit into my confused 20-something mold. But I guess that’s the point.

Thanks to jan brett for being such an awesome children’s author.


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