The Dirty Projectors – “No intentions” (Live at Sirius studios)

13 Nov

Bitte Orca is, in my honest opinion, one of the most original (and yes also one of the best) albums of 2009. It has easily secured a spot in my top 10 for this year and the more I listen to it, the higher it climbs. I found this clip of the Dirty Projectors (really Dave Longstreth + some artists) performing live in the Sirius studios last week and I think this guy’s talent and creativity really shine through. I’ve already spent time talking about them on the site but I’ve never emphasized the group. If you want to know what The Dirty Projectors sound like, set up the following recipe in your head:

  1. Take Sufjan Stevens.
  2. Turn down the folky style in him just a wee bit (but not too much)
  3. Throw in a dash of David Byrne
  4. Dump in influences from early hip hop and r&b
  5. ??????
  6. Profit

If you liked that, check out “Temecula Sunrise” and “Cannibal Resource” after the jump.

Ok, hunker down and take a listen.


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