Page Deux

12 Nov

Hey so there are always several cool stories/interviews/editorials that are springing up around the web that we never cover for various reasons. So, I’m trying to address that in a new section that basically just collects all that good stuff in one place from the major music sites/everywhere else. Hope you enjoy.

On the general topic of music snobbery and in response to questions about producing something both interesting and popular…

Eno: It’s surprisingly unrecognized. I find the same thing in all forms of art, things that are very popular. I think everyone’s inherently snobbish. Things that are very popular are not taken seriously, because the snobbish side of one says, “Well, if everyone likes it it can’t be that good.” Whereas if only I and a couple of other people like it, then it must be really something special.

On working with the band Coldplay and taking criticism because many people liked the band…

Eno: I’m old enough to remember exactly what happened to ABBA. When ABBA were around, to admit that you liked them would have condemned you to absolute coventry. No one would talk to you because you liked ABBA, because they were considered to be hopelessly pointless pop. Now, of course, everyone likes ABBA. Everyone realizes that they made some great music, and you’re allowed to like them now. Kitsch is a way that posh people admit to themselves that they like things that ordinary people like. In my opinion.

Read the whole interview here. Oh Eno, I still refuse to like Bono.

Okay i’m hungry, time to eat something.


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