Can’t Touch This…Haggling Skill

8 Nov

tag sale

All the junk in the world you could ever want...marked up 600%

I was speeding from one work event to a second one yesterday, when I noticed a tag sale.  Naturally, I decided that it was the perfect time to pull over and check to see if I could get myself a much needed piece of furniture for my room: a coffee table.  It was pretty much the perfect accelerated shopping experience; I saw the item i wanted, perused 3 other options, then asked the guy how much.  He tried to sell it to me for $20, I pointed out that a smaller one was worth $15, he caved quickly, saying he could give it to me for $15.  At this moment, I faced a make or break.  I could take him to the limit (knowing I could probably get it for $10 ultimately) but I’d run the risk of blowing my cover and having my superiors know that I stopped during the workday to haggle street side over furniture – or, I could stretch the value of my purchase even further.

I noticed a box of cassette tapes and  casually asked, “yo can I get some of those thrown in?”  The guy shrugged, “yea, sure, the hell am I gonna do those.  Take whatever.”  What he didn’t know is that I spotted some pretty primo albums.

Thanks to my powerful skills of negotiation, I am now in possession of 3 new used cassettes, classics every one of them.  And through the magic of the internet, from the platform of this blog, allow me to share with you my acquisitions of MC Hammer’s Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ’em, Paul Simon’s Graceland, and Sam Cooke’s The Man and His Music.

Sorry, but the coffee table is just for me.


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