Lily Allen’s Balls Are Bigger Than Michael Bublé’s

30 Oct

This was inspired by a guest post from J0$h. He wrote an open letter to the talented Michael Bublé.

"Deez Nuts!"

All I could think about while listening to Michael Bublé was that Lily Allen is a bigger man than he is. Honestly, she talks about manly stuff. I’d say Lily Allen and Michael Bublé should switch and sing each others songs (gender adjusted of course).

The only problem to this plan is Lily Allen’s balls are way too huge to sing some pussy assed Michael Bublé song. What does she do that is so manly?

  1. Shit talks a dude for being bad at sex and plays the song for him (he couldn’t figure out it was about him).
  2. Sings a song called Fuck You
  3. Writes a song about blowing a guy off she doesn’t like but calling him when she wants to get laid

I’m not saying Michael Bublé needs to do these things but at least he should do something brazen or a little bit controversial to show he has a penis pulse.

But yeah I do like Lily Allen. What?

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One Response to “Lily Allen’s Balls Are Bigger Than Michael Bublé’s”

  1. willow October 30, 2009 at 6:46 PM #

    woooooo love her

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